How to be a Philanthropist

Nothing in the world feels better than to do something nice for someone else and then see how it benefits them and the people around them. The Meriam Webster dictionary defines philanthropy as someone who makes an active effort to promote human welfare. Someone who practices philanthropy. By this definition, most people would qualify as a philanthropist because we all like to see ourselves in this way. But if you are looking to increase the amount of good you do in the world and be known for this activity. Here are some of the ways you can go about it.

  • Start a Foundation: This is how the big boys play the game. You might think it odd that all the super-rich seem to be known as philanthropists. This is interesting because they manage to keep quite a lot for themselves. The reason for philanthropy among the elite is partially because the super-rich must contend with image problems, and tax problems. One of the very best ways to improve your image and avoid taxes, is to start your own foundation. This way you can give your money to the foundation, and the foundation can do things on your behalf. Ideally this involves the betterment of humankind, but everything is relative.
  • Find a Charity to Support: For the rest of us, there are many ways to help our fellow man. One of the most direct is to find a charity to support. There are several search platforms for locating a charity, like Charity Choices.
  • Create a Funding Pathway: If you own a business, you can add charity donation at the point of sale for your goods or services. This can be done on your eCommerce site as well. Any SEO agency in Bangkok will be able to create the pathway for donations to be either automatic or voluntary. Collection boxes are also a good source of funding for charities. This is also a way to connect your own brand to philanthropy, but make sure you know the regulations.
  • Volunteer Your Time: There are many instances where charities are very understaffed, donating your time might be more valuable to them than cash. There is no better way to understand what your efforts are doing for others, than to get personally involved. You will likely find that the charity gives back to you as much as you contribute.
  • Go Fund Me: The charity funding sites like go fund me are an incredible idea and they generate millions for charities and good causes that they never would have received any other way. This is an easy option with no strings attached, but you must make sure that you do your research. There are some exceptionally worthy and deserving causes on these sites, but there are also some that have made a business out of it. Try to be discerning but follow your heart too.

When life is over, you must leave all your toys behind, and the only thing you are going to take with you are your accomplishments and deeds. The good things you do for others can never be taken away. You will be amazed how little it takes to make a difference in someone’s life. Even random acts of kindness can go a long way.