What Are the Five Features of an Alarm Lock

Are you someone interested in upgrading your key card access system to an alarm lock-based card access system? Alarm lock systems are one of the perfect solutions for upgrading your workplace or commercial retail store’s security. If you are tired of continually rekeying locks or replacing them with better variants to stop attempts of break-ins at your premises, get an ID badge or a pin code based alarm lock at your workplace. On a number of wrong tries or an attempt of a break-in, these alarm locks can go off, sending a high pitch of alarm ringing across the premises. 

Skeptic about installing alarm clocks at your premises? Here are the five features of an alarm clock. 

Pins & Cards

Usually, alarm lock access controls are the best because they work on either prox cards or enter pin codes through a pin system. However, you can choose to have both on your card lock system. Having both will provide you with added security. If a bad isn’t ID’d, then just in case if somebody tries to enter forcefully, they would still require a pin to access the lock, which in my opinion, isn’t going to work out for them. It will add two security layers to your commercial space stopping all instances of misuse of locks or break-ins. Ask a locksmith in Rochester NY, and they will recommend that you get your locks work on both pins & card systems at the same time. 

Toggle Code

A toggle code is a specific type of code that can be specified to keep the lock open or closed for a certain period. For example, if you have employees operating during the daytime and want to make sure all your doors remain locked during the nighttime, a toggle code will make sure your doors remain shut during the later hours. Toggle code works great for areas where you have to perform a lot of movement. Imagine you have to carry boxes in between rooms. Now, you can’t keep entering the passwords time-in and time-out again. Instead, you can enter a single toggle code, which will set the door to unlock for a specific time. Now, you can quickly move the boxes to and fro. Most alarm locks have the toggle code feature, which, when misused, sets the alarm off. 

Upgrades to Wireless Lock Systems

Do you have the basic alarm lock installed at your premises? Well, you can always upgrade your lock system to the wireless unit. By upgrading the software system on your alarm lock, you can manage the system using the same database. Having a wireless lock system installed at your premises, you can have the ultimate liberty to access the lock whenever you want using other gadgets & technologies. 

For instance, if you want to lock/unlock your doors with a fob or a smartphone, wireless lock systems can make that happen for you. 

Alarm Locks Have Audit Trails 

Audit trails are one way you can quickly mitigate the risk of breaking a particular person within your premises. Audit trails can offer you a complete log of the entries. It will help you analyze which entries are allowed and which entries experienced an access denial. With the audit trails, you can take a good few minutes off your schedule to better understand what may work best for your home/office security. By reading audit trails, you can relieve yourself from the hassles of making service calls or preventing any possible instance of theft at home/offices. 

So there you go. Here are all the essential features that an alarm lock can offer to you. Are you interested in getting an alarm lock system installed at your location? Best you call a locksmith to help you.