Why Electronic Signatures are More Secure (and More Convenient)

Electronic signatures are more common now than ever, thanks to companies like Yousign.com making the entire process seamless for companies of all sizes.

It doesn’t matter if you are a local gym with 100 members or a worldwide membership organization that needs to capture signatures on thousands of documents each month. This new technology makes it painless as well as more secure.

Here are a few reasons why it’s not only a major convenience in terms of time, but also an option that is much more secure.

They are GDPR Compliant

Companies operating in Europe, either physically there or collecting data from its residents, need to be focused on GDPR and staying compliant. Yousign.com is based in Europe, so GDPR compliance is a major focus, making it a very attractive option.

When you use a system like this to collect electronic signature you know, without a doubt, that you are collecting and storing data in a compliant manner. This is a major concern for many businesses.

They are Instant

When you sign documents online pdf, the execution is instant. There is no waiting. You don’t have to print anything, await overnight mail or even arrange an in-person meeting. This alone can save your business a tremendous amount of time and resources.

The process is the same every time and you can always monitor the status on documents that have been sent out. You can see when they were received, viewed, etc.

They Keep You Organized

Imagine if you misplaced a signed document and had to spend several days looking for it, or even worse, having to ask the person to re-sign it? What about storage? For companies doing large volumes of signatures it means needing climate controlled storage space just to keep the contracts. Also, you have to make sure they are secure.

When you switch to electronic signatures you have them all in one place, and you can search your entire database and locate any contract from any year, with a simple click of the mouse. There isn’t a more convenient option as far as storage goes.

They are Legally Enforceable

When e-signatures were first introduced many questioned whether or not an electronic signature would hold up in court. Well, over the years it has been proven time over that they are viewed the same as a hand-signed document.

As technology has advanced the computer has simply become another instrument to execute agreements, just as a pen or pencil is. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to enforceability or the legality of an electronically signed document.