Latest Upcoming Technologies That Are Going To Be Huge

The past 5 years have indeed shown us giant leaps in the field of technologies, from smartphones, multi-touch tablets to cloud computing. Although the past innovations have revolutionized the way of our living, this is just the start. 

If you are a buff of science fiction movies and you envy the actors living such an advanced lifestyle, then worry not, because maybe in the near or distant future you can enjoy such improvements as well. 

So for all those of you, who are eager to interact with the virtual world filled with amusements, here are some technologies you can gear up for.

  • Google glass

Augmented reality is something which has already made its way into the human lives, via simulated experiments and educational apps. But Google is intended to take it a few notches higher by introducing Google Glass. Now Google glass is aimed to transform your life by providing you with live updates about feeds, Google maps, GPS, and you can even click photos while staying connected to the ground. While it is still in the amateur stage, the Google founder is currently testing the credibility of the device with skydivers. 

  • Oculus Rift

Virtual Rift is presenting you the newest form of virtual reality gaming. This is nothing but a history-changing 3D which makes you seem that you are actually inside a thrilling video game. In the virtual world powered by Rift, the moment you turn your head with ultra-low latency you will be presented with the high definition display of the world. 

Although there are similar products in the market which promises to deliver the same graded performance, Rift aims to give it within an economical price. 

  • Leap Motion

If you have used or heard about the multi-touch desktop, then you would also know that the product has failed miserably, because hands get tired with prolonged use. Now Leap motion has taken this task upon their shoulders and finally claims to find the solution. Now you can control the desk with your hands but without touching the screen. 

It is not just easy stuff that it allows; you can scroll the web, zoom in and out of photos and even sign documents just by gesturing with your hands. 

Wait till the Oculus Rift collaborates with the leap motion sensor and see the gaming experiencing changing for good. 

  • Eye tribe

If your eye movements are really fast and you want to put that in good use, then let us introduce the Eye Tribe. The simple eye-tracking technology is combined with a front-facing camera and computer vision algorithms which enables the users to even slice fruits in Fruit Ninja using just their eyes. 

  • Form 1

If you have been tired of creating designs and forcefully being content with the 1D result, then say hello to 3D printer. Now you can create your own product and just take a solid-life print of it. 


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