What to Wear When You’re Out to Party

Going out to party is not just a simple matter of throwing on the next thing in your closet and heading to the local bar. Firstly you need to choose where to go, then, who to go with, and most importantly what to wear.

Different party atmospheres call for different styles. So how do you make sense of it all? Here’s our clothing guide to 4 party destinations.


These days people tend to think they can wear whatever they want when they go for a quick drink at their local. Have you ever been at a bar and looked at a person and wondered, “what were they thinking wearing that in here?”.  Don’t be that person.

The team at getaway suggests that the number one best article of clothing for a bar is… jeans! They look good but are also practical. Store your keys, money, phone, and ID in one of the many pockets.

Shirts – guys, wear one. You might think you have a body like Thor (pre-endgame), but not everyone wants to see you shirtless. Respect others and cover-up. Also, dress for the weather, if you plan to bar-hop, you don’t want to be caught in the rain, or get baked as you have on too many layers.


Tight t-shirt, well-worn jeans, and runners should be ok for a nightclub, right? Wrong! Rule number 1 for a nightclub is to always, always, check the dress code. You don’t want to get all the way there only to be told you can’t go in because you aren’t dressed correctly.

Some venues have now introduced a “no open-shoe” policy. This is due to glasses or bottles being dropped and cutting patron’s feet. Nobody wants a night out to end up as a hospital stay and a legal battle. So dress appropriately and enjoy your night.


A rave, EDM, music festival, or dance party isn’t an activity that you just bounce in for an hour or so and shoot off again, these are all night, or even all weekend, events. What you wear to these events has to consider that. You must look hot, but you also must be comfortable with long-term comfort.

The gang at Iheartraves believes that rave and dance party people are a massive community and, as such, choose to dress alike to show their allegiance to each other. Deciding what you wear makes a statement to the rest of the world that these are your people.

Burning Man

That magical few days once a year in the Nevada desert is the perfect opportunity to show off your individuality. One of the many great things about Burning Man is that there are no rules, and anything goes.

You may decide to turn up in the most outrageous of costumes; you may like to dress up as the other gender, or even wear nothing at all. This is the time to really go out on a limb and experiment with the person you truly desire to be.

Dave from jonesaroundtheworld insists that regardless of what you wear; you must also accessorize for the harsh climate that you are in, it is the desert after all. Goggles, hats, scarves, and fanny-packs are a must-have addition to any wardrobe.

Dress the Part

So whether you ar.e hanging out at the local bar in your comfortable night-out gear, or partying hard at a nightclub, make sure you dress accordingly.  Even more importantly, if you are hard-core raving, dress to kill, but also be comfortable. For burning man events, there are few rules; this is the time to embrace your inner demon and dress (or undress) to impress