Five Women Leading The Cannabis Industry In 2020

Industry In 2020

The cannabis industry continues to grow, and so does the influence that women are having on the market. Female leaders are making names for themselves in all areas of the industry, from growing to public relations. 

In this article, we’re going to mention five incredible women who are driving the industry. We’ll talk about how they got their start and what you should look out for from them in the near future. 

Women Grow: Jane West

Jane West is one of the most influential people in the cannabis industry. Back in 2014, West launched her first-ever marijuana venture, where she held THC-infused dinner parties. Unfortunately, her boss caught her vaping and was let go. 

Luckily for us, West was then able to focus full time on her passion project. She was quick to realize how women needed a place in the cannabis industry as leaders, so she founded Women Grow.

As CEO, she has created and fostered a network of women in the industry. Women Grow exists to educate, inspire, and to empower women in the industry and those who want to get involved. 

West has indeed built a reputation for herself as a significant player in the cannabis industry. She is motivated to cultivate an environment of information, transparency, and equal opportunity. 

Dr Lakisha Jenkins: The Jenasis Medical Group and California Cannabis Industry Association

Dr Lakisha Jenkins, the founder of the Jenasis Medical Group and California Cannabis Industry Association, aims to destigmatize the negative image that has historically existed around cannabis. 

The story of how Dr Jenkins got involved with the industry is inspiring. She got involved initially in 2002, as she turned to a holistic approach to her daughter’s brain cancer treatment. Jenkins now helps to provide financial assistance to cancer survivors as well as holistic health services free of charge. 

She approaches cannabis as a therapeutic medicine that’s natural and traditional. She blends herbs with cannabinoids in her treatment. It’s sought out by patients from around the world, many of whom have found profound relief. 

Jamie Lewis: Mountain Medicine

Jamie Lewis is an OG in the industry. She’s been in the industry for over ten years when she started her own brand of edibles called Mountain Medicine. Lewis is also on the board of the lobbying group, The National Cannabis Industry Association. 

Like many other women we mention in this article, Lewis’s motivation for getting involved in the cannabis industry was far from just fiscal. She initially started making the edibles for HIV patients who were unable to consume cannabis any other way. 

She now operates one of the largest dispensary networks in the region, with 120 locations in Colorado alone. She is currently looking to expand her venture into Boston. We’ll be looking out for Mountain Medicine on the East Coast. 

Rosie Mattio: MATTIO Communications

In 2014, Rosie Mattio launched MATTIO Communications. At first, it was a one-woman public relations firm until she realized how many emerging cannabis brands had unique marketing needs that were not being met.

Today, MATTIO communications is considered to be the #1 cannabis PR firm by the Green Market Report. Her firm is now based in New York City and serves over 32 huge clients such as Harborside, Flowhub, Bangst, Green Mile, and Ascend Wellness Holdings. 

She’s been able to garner global media coverage to shape the image of cannabis today. She wrote the first cannabis article to be published in Oprah Magazine. Her firm and influence continue to grow. 

woman holds plants

Agnes Kwaśniewska: HEXO

In 2016, Canadian company HEXO made the news as the first producer in the country to have a female master grower. We’re not surprised that this made such waves, though even Kwasniewska isn’t sure why it’s such a big deal. She says the one thing she loves is how many women work at the company. 

Before she made her way up to manager of cultivation, Kwasniewska studied plant and insect interaction and got a degree in entomology. From using experience and the right irrigation, fertigation, and growth timelines, she’s producing some of the best strains from auto white widow to OG Kush. 

We can’t wait until the day that there are more women in charge of the greenhouse. 

A Final Word

So here you have it – a bit about the women behind the scenes who are driving the new age of cannabis. As legalization continues to spread, we’re sure that emerging lady-bosses are going to keep on making their mark on this growing industry.