What To Do Immediately Following A Car Accident

Experiencing a car accident is never a fun thing, but it helps to be able to keep your wits about you during the aftermath.  If you know the correct steps to follow after an accident, the hope is that your mind will automatically spring into action.  

Take the time while your mind is calm to instill a bit of helpful knowledge, and prepare yourself to be calm in the face of danger.  Here is a brief overview, featuring a quick list of things you should do directly following a car accident.  

Check everyone for wellness

Directly following a collision, you should check everyone in your vehicle for injuries.  Make sure everyone is well enough to move, and get them out of the vehicle.  

If you have the opportunity, check the people in the other vehicle for injuries as well.  Getting past this step is crucial. If there are severe injuries, call 911 immediately.  

Move your vehicle to safety

It’s a common misconception that you are not legally allowed to move your vehicle after an accident.  It’s completely legal to move your car to a safe spot after a collision if it is possible to do so.  

It is recommended that you move your vehicle out of the way of traffic to avoid further collisions from taking place.  More people could get hurt by leaving your vehicle in the middle of the road.  

Call the local police 

As soon as possible, you need to notify the local authorities of your accident.  It’s likely that someone else has already called, but there’s no trouble in making sure help is on the way.  

Wait for the police to arrive and sort out the situation.  Leaving the scene of an accident will cause some tough legal repercussions.  

Gather all the information you can 

Before leaving the scene of an accident, you should gather information from everyone involved.  Get insurance cards from all the drivers, phone numbers, and license plate numbers to make certain everyone faces their responsibilities.  

You never know if you will need to file a personal injury lawsuit against someone, so it’s important to prepare the right documentation from the very beginning.  

Notify your auto insurance agent

After you’ve dealt with the initial fallout of your vehicle collision, you need to notify your auto insurance agent.  Get your insurance claim underway as soon as possible, so you’re not out of a vehicle for very long.  

Hire a lawyer for protection

You may need to hire a legal professional to help you get the funds you are owed after a car accident.  If you are injured, there’s more to consider. However, replacing or fixing your vehicle is extremely important.  If the “at fault” driver doesn’t take financial responsibility, you may need a lawyer to get what is owed.