What the Hottest New Business industries and Markets are in 2019

There are always new opportunities available to those willing to spot trends and risk it all by starting new brands or businesses. Fads and trends come and go all the time, but there are some opportunities that have staying power; you just have to know how to spot them.

Knowing what industries are going to be booming in 2019 gives you the opportunity to take advantage of popular niches, and build a business around it. So, here are several areas that are filled with opportunity, and those willing to put in the work have the chance to start something very special.

Info products.

The info product market has always been profitable, but now with so many more advanced ways to target it is allowing people to create very specialized informational products.

“You can now go after specific Google search terms or place ads in front of ideal targets based on dozens of criteria on Facebook,” says Jeannie Hill of Hill Web Marketing, an expert in user intent search query analyzation. “This now allows product creators to develop very niche offerings and directly target, rather than casting a wide net and hoping to come in contact with someone that may have interest.”

When you can maximize your ad spend like this, and it ends up being highly measurable, it allows you to scale more effectively.

Health and nutrition.

The health and nutrition space is massive now, and more people are putting an emphasis on their health, which gives you an opportunity to start several types of businesses, from blogs about living a healthy life, to physical products to services.

“There is a big opportunity for niche related products in the health space,” says Andrew Tran, whose company Therapy Blanket creates a popular weighted blanket that performs well in the space. “You want to focus on one area, rather than getting too generic in such a large space. My company makes a very specialized product, but this gives us laser focus, so all we have to worry about is creating the very best product in this category.”

Specialized pills and products developed into a brand are becoming very popular, and many companies are doing very well.

Self-improvement and motivation.

The motivational industry is hot now. Just look at home many people are on social media hawking courses and programs that promise the world. It’s quite sad, but there is an opportunity for several legit businesses.

“Everyone wants to be successful, and if you have the experience and results to back it up, then mentorship and coaching is a viable business model these days,” says Chris Moberg of Slumber Search. “Now, it takes a special person to be able to effectively coach and teach, and not everyone qualified will want to do it, but for those right situations, it is an untapped market.”

Not everyone wants to be a coach. Some successful people would rather just do their thing and stay under the radar. But, if you want to share your expertise and knowledge and mold some new talent, the opportunity is there, as people are craving this type of information.

Mental health education and solutions.

The is a void when it comes to mental health awareness, and it’s a topic many people want to talk about and read about.

“There is a big opportunity to create online communities designed around discussion and support,” says Loren Taylor, CEO of Soothing Company. “People want to talk to other people, so creating niche specific online communities where members can get together and discuss a similar topic is a huge opportunity.”

There are plenty of ways to monetize it, from ad revenue to memberships. In a digital world where many people feel alone, giving them a place they can connect and talk can do wonders for mental health.

E-commerce drop shipping.

Before you had to worry about manufacturing products, storing them in a warehouse and then fulfilling all of the orders. Not anymore. The drop shipping model makes it easy to sell anything and start right away.

“Thanks to e-commerce platforms like Shopify, someone can have a web store set up within minutes and sell items that they are not physically touching,” explains April Gillmore of ClickFirst Marketing. “You have to find a competent supplier than can handle fulfillment, and do so in a timely manner, but if you lock that down then you can be off and running with very low investment cost.”

The competition is becoming high in the drop shipping world, so the key is to find a very unique niche product you can sell that has a high margin.

Personal branding.

Social media is such a huge marketing channel these days, and people are very focused on their own personal brand, as that can be leveraged across social media.

“There are so many different components of persona branding that you can offer as a service and build a business around,” says Oliver James, CEO of Perth Web Design. “From building personal websites to managing social media and ghost-writing blog content, there are many things someone needs to have in place to properly brand themselves. Think of what these are and create a service to help contribute.”