What is a smart house, or home automation?

Let’s break this down into different parts of the home that consumers will demand and builders must create in the very near future to explain the growing consumer appeal and advantages:


In today’s unsettled world, where crime is on the rise and political tensions are leading to turmoil in many parts of the globe, homeowners want to feel safe and secure in their own backyard. They want immediate notification of strangers and intruders and the ability to notify the authorities without delay when they sense danger to themselves, their loved ones, and their property. Traditional fencing and security systems are becoming ineffective; new technology is not only much cheaper and easier to install, but works much better, say the IoT experts at Overkiz. A wifi parameter ring around the consumer’s house will automatically notify them of any intrusion, with live video, and the ability to contact the police by issuing a verbal command anywhere on your property. The Home Automation Market Report, which has been years in the making, identifies personal safety as one of the key selling points of real estate in areas such as California, New York, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.