The happy workplace: 4 ways to get there

Once upon a time, there was almost no such thing as a happy workplace. There wasn’t even such a thing as an HR department. Suffice to say; times have changed. There is now a lot more emphasis on the people-factor when it comes to workplaces, and this is what today’s article is going to focus on.

Particularly if your business is based in a big city like London, at times it can feel like quite a fierce, corporate atmosphere. As such, take a read of the following, as we look at some of the key tips that businesses can implement in a bid to boost morale in the office.

Make sure employees take real lunch breaks

There are some truly damning statistics when it comes to lunch breaks, with one study suggesting that just one in five people leave their desk when it comes to lunchtime, with the average lunch hour being just 22 minutes.

This is something that naturally prompts all sorts of repercussions. It’s something that will wreak havoc with employees’ moods, and also their performance. As such, try and encourage your workers to get out and about at lunchtime. Again, if you happen to be based in the capital, there are no excuses here – there are plenty of areas to explore and just temporarily wind-down.

Small token gifts can make the world of difference

Sometimes, workers are just looking for a bit of recognition. This has also been found through various studies, with most employees much more satisfied with their working life when they feel as though their efforts are appreciated.

Words can go a long way here, but there can be occasions where a token gift can work a charm as well. Take a look around the Covent Garden markets to find something a bit different for some of your prized employees; the difference you will make to their working day will be monumental.

Become flexible

One of the biggest developments in offices these days has been the flexible-factor. A decade or so ago, and it wouldn’t have been considered. Now, flexible working is something that is almost expected amongst employees and those companies who don’t offer such initiatives are going to lag behind others in terms of recruitment and retention.

Sure, there are some industries and sectors where it just doesn’t work for logistical reasons. However, if you can manage it, give your workers some flexibility with your hours. It’s points like this which can make life a lot easier for people, and ultimately take things off their mind as they get to the office.

Deprioritise email

It sounds like a bold move, but some statistics related to email are terrifying. For example, one study found that 92% of employees experience a hike in blood pressure whenever a new email hits their inbox. For good office culture, it’s not the way to be going.

Instead, turn to instant messaging solutions and project management software. It’s something that’s a little calmer and doesn’t quite carry the risk factors that we have all started to adopt with email.