3 New Products Worth Investing In

With technology, medicine, entertainment, and so many other aspects of life moving so fast, it can be hard to keep track of all of the new developments coming to the market. Although Covid-19 has played a role in slowing some of these technological advancements, there have been some that would not have come to fruition without this pandemic. Regardless, new investment opportunities are popping up everywhere. This is a dual edged sword as well. The products we will talk about today can be taken as a financial investment if you’d like to get involved in the industry, but also as a personal investment if you’d like to try out the products and see how they benefit your life and wellness. These new developments are relatively new to the market, but here are 3 products worth investing in.

CBD oils. 

CBD oils are a relatively controversial topic right now, but that only means that there are more and more people talking about them. In case you don’t know what these oils are, CBD oils come from the cannabis plant which is better known as marijuana. However, it does not have the same effects as marijuana. CBD oils are required to have a .3% THC level or less to be sold commercially. 

THC is the chemical in cannabis that carries its intoxicating features. With a level less than .3% the oils intoxication properties are nullified. This doesn’t mean however that the other aspects related to cannabis are taken out as well though. These CBD oils have a very high relaxation property that not only relaxes the mind but also relaxes the muscles and body of the user. They are often used to help those with high stress, anxiety, or panic attacks. These oils are great if you’re looking for a way to help yourself relax after a long day’s work or find yourself unable to relax your mind and destress. You can find CBD oil for sale locally as well as online if you’d like to try it out.


Kratom you could say is inversely proportional to CBD oil. Instead of acting as a depressant, it acts as an accelerant, speeding up brain functions and allowing the body to perform with more energy. Instead of relaxing muscles is increases their activity. Kratom is used by students trying to stay up later to study, athletes looking for an extra burst of energy, and often as a natural pain reliever by those suffering from an illness. The best kind of Kratom is called Bali Kratom and can be purchased online.

Essential oils. 

They have begun to skyrocket in popularity and moms everywhere are trying to get their hands on them. There are a variety of different companies that sell these oils and most of them are looking for new representatives to help them find new buyers. If you feel that you could help sell these, you can look at becoming a distributor for one of these providers.