The Real Real’s 2020 Guide to Building a Timeless Capsule Wardrobe


            With January’s clean slate well under way, many individuals are still considering the most effective ways to spearhead the successful manifestation of their New Year’s resolutions. From streamlining busy lives, to decluttering physical spaces, annual resolutions can be a fantastic way to prioritize the execution of goals that gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the summer.

With increasing numbers of young professionals leading vastly complex lives, the need for streamlining, limiting choices, focusing on timelessness, and the creation of a meaningful collection are all factors that play a role in choosing a resolution. Through the consideration of these goals, many individuals are choosing to explore the concept of creating a capsule wardrobe.

            Though the term has been popularized throughout the previous few years, namely in the name of drastically shrinking closets, the concept of a capsule wardrobe has been somewhat pigeonholed. In popular media, coverage of capsule wardrobe dressing has namely focused on the notion of creating as many unique looks as possible, through the ownership of a vastly limited amount of clothing and accessories.

However productive in terms of time spent choosing an entire outfit each morning, this singular focus can be limiting. The focus of a capsule wardrobe can be much more complex and meaningful.

With a desire to limit trendy, swiftly outdated pieces, the curation of a timeless capsule wardrobe can provide wearers with sleek pieces that will never go out of style, classic and iconic looks that will photograph beautifully for decades, and the presence of a “style uniform” that will undoubtedly become synonymous with the wearer.

            Additionally, creating a timeless capsule wardrobe can be considered a thoroughly considered investment in one’s clothing and accessories. In times of great consideration of spending power, individuals can sometimes see the appeal of purchasing lower-priced knockoff items, spending less up front. However, with poor craftsmanship, limited care, and overall faulty design, many of these fast-fashion items can become unwearable swiftly, rendering the purchase a waste.

Alternatively, instead of purchasing several low-cost items, choosing to focus on the purchase of a singular, timeless, classic, and well-tailored item that will last in integrity and wear throughout a lifetime will actually be a financially smarter choice.

            Creating a timeless capsule wardrobe can be a lifelong process, with the mission of carefully curating one’s wardrobe, complete with integral pieces, like a classic leather handbag, or a pair of beautiful pumps. The Real Real, the world’s largest digital marketplace specializing in the consignment, and authentication of luxury goods, is the perfect place to start for individuals looking to enter the luxury market at a more accessible, budget-friendly price point.

Focused on the sale of timeless and classically chic designer goods, The Real Real provides access to countless staple pieces that are a must-have in a timeless capsule wardrobe.

            With a bespoke authentication process, large assortment of beautiful items, and a myriad of styles from haute couture houses like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, The Real Real offers shoppers the most coveted handbags, shoes, clothing, and homewares. With an expertly curated online shopping experience, The Real Real shoppers can welcome the luxury shopping engagement on-the-go, from anywhere.

For those seeking a physical shopping experience, The Real Real also has brick-and-mortar flagship locations in New York, and Los Angeles, offering complimentary consignment education, and knowledgeable stylist assistance.

            In addition to providing access to capsule wardrobe staples, The Real Real’s commitment to sustainability is manifested through the extension of the life cycle of well-made designer goods. By giving new life to handcrafted items that were intended to last throughout decades, The Real Real supports the circular economy, and allows wearers of their products to proudly extend the life of a heritage product.

For individuals interested in pursuing garment sustainability, the creation of a timeless capsule wardrobe is an excellent investment into creating a legacy that can be passed down to future generations of family members, friends, and loved ones.

            When choosing pieces to compliment a timeless capsule wardrobe, it is crucial for individuals to examine lifestyle needs, innate fashion sense, and the desire to see clothing as a grand expression of self, rather than a thoughtless appreciation for every trend. First, choosing clothing appropriate and conducive to long-term needs is pivotal.

For many working professionals, this need manifests as the inclusion of tailored trousers, high quality fitted blazers, classic blouses, and dresses in solids and timeless prints. By creating a solid foundation of well-tailored classic pieces, individual style can be showcased through the inclusion of louder accessories, jewelry items, and other knick-knacks. The Real Real vast collection of classic clothing contains the most iconic looks from designers who will never go out of style.

            While many individuals consider the excessive purchase of shoes to be a weakness, choosing appropriate footwear to add within the context of a timeless capsule wardrobe is about considering multi-functional items that can be dressed up or down, and can be mixed within varying scenarios.

Even the most fabulous and exotic statement shoes utilized to dress up an otherwise classic look cannot be a wise investment if they cannot compliment any other clothing choice, or accessory. Thus, looking for well-crafted stilettos in preferred colors, chic leather sandals, contemporary flats, and classic items, like classic riding boots, creates a well-rounded capsule wardrobe.

            Handbags are essential not only for transporting the most intimate of daily essentials, but as a finishing touch of expression to an otherwise pulled together look. From structured shapes to handcrafted metal finishing details, timeless handbags are constructed to defy wear, withstand shifting trends, and provide a stylish carryall experience.

The Real Real specializes in the sale of authenticated luxury handbags from top couture brands, proving the most comprehensive, safe, and meaningful luxury shopping experience for this integral portion of a capsule wardrobe. From iconic quilted Chanel, to the highly-coveted HERMÈS Birkin, The Real Real harnesses the timeless spirit of the capsule wardrobe, by providing carefully curated handbag selections.

            By shifting the focus away from quantity of items owned, to the quality of staple pieces owned within a wardrobe, individuals can begin to masterfully build a wardrobe that will provide a streamlined dressing experience, ensure a beautiful ensemble will be created daily, and instill real value into the clothing and accessories worn daily, the largest expression of self to the outside world.

Through the creation of a timeless capsule wardrobe, countless individuals are harnessing their desire to eliminate trends, focus on quality heritage items, and create a legacy through high-quality fashion. In 2020, nothing feels more fresh, appropriate, and exciting than that.

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