Tips for Securing Your Home While Traveling

Traveling is a great way to get out and see more of the world while taking a break from your everyday life. There are many things you’ll want to make sure you do before you leave, especially when it comes to securing your home. A trip can easily become ruined if you spend your days constantly worrying about your home. With careful planning, you can make sure your house and the belongings you leave behind will be safe until you get back. 

Home Monitoring Is a Must 

Getting some type of home monitoring system is something you should really consider doing before you leave. There are many options that allow you to access the cameras remotely so you can have peace of mind knowing for sure everything is okay back at home. The security system you choose would depend on the features you’re looking for as well as how much money you are able to spend. Many security systems are wireless and can be installed easily, without the need to hire a professional. Even though it’s a great thing to have a security system, you’ll also want to make sure you have good homeowner’s insurance to protect your home and your belongings. 

Have the Post Office Hold the Mail 

If you plan on being away for more than a couple of days, you should ask the post office to hold your mail for you until you get back. Mail piling up is an obvious sign of an unattended home and is basically an invitation for potential burglars to help themselves to your stuff. When the mailbox is overflowing, it’s obvious no one is home to check the mail. The post office can hold your mail for up to 30 days for you, and it’s something that can easily be signed up for online.   

Have a Friend or Neighbor Check on Things 

You should enlist the help of a friend or neighbor while you are away. Alert your neighbors that you will be out of town, and provide them with your contact information if they see anything out of the norm happening. If you have a neighbor you can really trust, you should consider leaving them with a key to your home so they can check on things for you every other day to make sure there are no concerns. If you don’t have a trustworthy neighbor, have a friend or family member visit your home and check on things while you are away. 

Secure Your Valuables 

You can never be too careful when it comes to your valuables, especially if you plan on being away from your home. You will want to take extra care to keep your valuables in a safe place until you return. You can lock these items in a safe that’s hidden away in a not so obvious spot, or you can get a safe deposit box at your bank. You can also see if a trusted friend or family member can hold onto the items while you are away.  

Prevent Electronics from Power Surges 

You never really know what can happen with power when you’re away on vacation. The last thing you want to do is come home to fried electronics. There are certain things you can get away with just turning off, but there are many things you’ll want to plan on unplugging before you leave. This includes any electronics with external power bricks, desktop PCs, televisions, and other electronics with sleep modes, modems and routers, new washers and dryers, and small appliances. 

By taking extra measures to make sure everything is secure at home before you leave, you’ll have much more time to enjoy your vacation. If you have extra concerns about your home’s safety, only tell a couple of people you’re going on vacation, and keep a low profile on social media until you get back.