The Lebaran Baju Kurung Modern Trend

As we are approaching Ramadan in less than 30 days, the baju kurung modern has become the most sought-after fashion product by the community. The baju kurung modern trend has been one of the top searches in the online retail platforms in the country.

The rapid penetration of digital technology has made the preparation of various holiday necessities, including lebaran clothes, easier. The most common reason is it is easier to shop online. Just visit the marketplace and select the desired fashion product. With the rise of digital, the fashion trends around the world are always changing after being influenced by many things, from lifestyle to mindset. Baju kurung modern is no longer the only option as women started to look into different styles, year in and year out. Therefore, it is not surprising that the yearly fashion predictions often become the public spotlight.

Though the celebration of Aidilfitri is still more than a month away, most women have started preparing the attire that will be worn on the special day. Have you thought about the style that you wish to don on the first day of lebaran? Here are Eid fashion recommendations that can highlight your appearance so you could remain beautiful

Kebaya Modern

Besides baju kurung modern, there is nothing wrong with choosing kebaya as clothing during Eid, especially the modern kebaya. Kebaya and baju kurung modern are the top choices not only during the lebaran celebration but also on the special occasion especially for those who want to look elegant and dare enough to mix the traditional concepts with modern concepts. Compared to the traditional models, modern kebaya and baju kurung modern put more emphasis on the latest patterns and material that match current trends. Therefore, modern kebaya and baju kurung modern are suitable for those of you who want to look trendy during the celebration.


Since the evolution of the online fashion, the dress has grown as one of the favorite clothes for Muslim women during the lebaran celebration. This is due to its modest look and the ability to give a feminine and elegant impression to the women who wears it. Just like baju kurung modern, the online retail platforms provide so many choices of modern and modest dresses for your special day. You just need to make sure the gown you choose is also comfortable and could be worn the whole day during the celebration.

Tunic Top

In addition to the dress, the tunic top can also be an elegant choice of lebaran. The top can also be matched with pants for your casual wear. In addition to giving the modern essence, these tops come with wrapping details at a twist that give a chic impression. This waist wrapping style can make the illusion of the body look slimmer. Just like the baju kurung modern, the top could also be matched with a matching-colored hijab. The choice of monochrome and earth tone colors such as olive or brown gives an edgy impression.