5 Essential Benefits of On-Site Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is a practice that has been around for some time, but there’s still a lot of controversy around it. From an employer’s point of view, it’s obvious why they would conduct an on-site drug test. They simply want to ensure every employee is sober while on the clock.


On the other hand, employees claim that workplace drug testing is an infringement on their privacy rights. But is it? There’s a lot of debate on that. However, the fact remains that there are many benefits to gain from on-site drug testing for both the employees and employers.

On-Site Drug Testing — How to Go About It

The most significant advantage of workplace drug testing is simply the fact that it boosts health and safety in the workplace. It’s no secret that employees under the influence of drugs or who use them pose a significant safety risk in the workplace. This is especially the case for jobs that require one’s full attention, such as those dealing with dangerous chemicals, driving vehicles, or handling heavy plant machinery.

Conducting an on-site drug test is quite simple. Since you can’t do it yourself, you need an experienced lab technician to hand in the whole process. By using any search engine and keying in “on-site drug testing near me,” you can find the private labs around you that offer these services.

Drug testing of your employees should be done at random intervals to get the most accurate results. Your employees shouldn’t know when you plan to conduct one. They may try and get clean and act clean during that time but only for show. It’s clear that drug use impedes effectively doing one’s tasks while on the clock, and any employee who uses drugs significantly increases the chances of accidents. Below are more in-depth reasons why it’s beneficial to conduct on-site drug testing.

  1. Reduce the Chances of a Legal Liability

When an employee experiences an injury at the workplace due to an accident, employers may face a potential legal liability case. The chances of this happening go up, especially if the accident happened because the employers failed to maintain a safe working environment.


One way employers are supposed to ensure the working environment is safe is by conducting drug tests. Without them, there is no specific way to identify employees who pose a risk to themselves and everyone else at work because of their drug abuse.

Therefore, an on-site drug testing program is part of your efforts as an employer, and employee, to ensure the workplace is safe to work in.

2. On-Site Drug Testing Will Help Employees with a Drug Problem

While companies will fire any employee whose drug test comes back as positive due to their drug and alcohol use policies, many thoughtful employers wouldn’t. A considerate employer knows that drug addiction is more of a mental issue and would be willing to give the employee a second chance if they agreed to reform.

A firm with an established drug and alcohol testing policy will more likely choose to help employers who are dedicated to quitting drugs. They may do so by offering counseling and rehabilitation services, or generally any other way they can. This way, employees get to keep their jobs, and employers don’t have to train and hire new personnel.

3. Better Productivity in The Workplace

On-site drug testing is one way of reducing accidents in the workplace, and a safe workplace promotes productivity. Employees get more motivated and productive when they know their employers are working to provide a safe place of work.


Don’t believe it? Companies with a comprehensive on-site drug testing program consistently report an overall improvement in their employees’ job performance and morale. When work drug testing is in place, tardiness, absenteeism, and employee theft also drop.

4. Stops Employees from Using Drugs 

While there isn’t 100% assurance that on-site drug testing will stop employees from using drugs in the workplace, there’s a great chance that random drug testing will go a long way in deterring it. 

Most employees will think twice before they carelessly throw their careers away because of drugs. The random test acts as a precautionary measure because they never know when a drug testing will be conducted.

5. Saves Both Time and Money

Drug testing on-site means that the specimens are collected at the workplace. This ensures the test’s validity and saves time instead of sending your employees to the lab for testing during precious office time. Moreover, sending your employees to get drug tested instead of doing it on-site presents another safety issue because they may be driving there while impaired.


Additionally, when employees don’t leave the workplace for drug testing, they can focus on their tasks and deliver their work much faster. This means that office productivity will not decrease. You also save money because you don’t have to reimburse the employee for the transportation costs to the off-site testing facility.


From the above benefits, it’s clear that on-site drug testing is favorable for any company. The results are more accurate and fast compared to off-site drug testing. The increasing popularity of on-site testing means that it’s an effective method, and employers can genuinely benefit from it. It’s a clear and concise process that avoids any inconvenience or awkwardness for both you and your employee.