Ingredients To Look For in Natural Deodorant in Malaysia

Nowadays, consumers are much more aware of the ingredients that are used in popular personal care and household products. In Malaysia, many of the personal care products targeting lower-income shoppers use nasty chemicals to cut costs, even though these chemicals are not 100% safe for humans. Deodorant is one such product where there are plenty of unwanted chemicals, meaning you should look for natural deodorant in Malaysia instead of using a chemical variant.

As research advances into the long-term effects of exposure to the chemicals used in personal care products, the more it is clear that they are causing long-term harm. As a result, many in Malaysia are switching to natural deodorants to avoid the risk of exposure to unhealthy chemicals. 

To protect yourself and your family, you should be familiar with some of the most commonly used chemicals so that when you look for natural deodorant in Malaysia, you’ll know which brands to avoid.


Parabens are a commonly used chemical in consumer products, added for their preservative qualities. Preservatives help keep a mixture or compound from spoiling, which is essential in consumer products; customers need to know they are safe for anything unintended by the manufacturer.

While preservatives are necessary, parabens are not. They have been found in the breast tissue of mastectomy patients and have been linked to estrogen issues in women. While they are not proven to be carcinogenic, they are remaining in our bodies well after use. 

Some parabens have been banned in consumer products in the EU, and today, Malaysian natural deodorant brands are highlighting the fact they don’t use parabens in their marketing messaging.


Aluminum has long been used in deodorants because of its antiperspirant properties. It clogs pores in the skin and prevents moisture from escaping, serving its purpose to stop you from sweating. Unfortunately, aluminum has been linked to some serious diseases. 

Aluminum has been known to affect estrogen levels in the bottom. If your body is unable to properly regulate its estrogen levels, there is an increased risk of developing cancer. Aluminum has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Check the label of the brand of natural deodorant in Malaysia that you want to buy and see if they use aluminum as one of its antiperspirant ingredients.


Triclosan is a very strong antimicrobial and antibacterial agent used in many consumer products. Because sweaty armpits are breeding grounds for bacterial and fungi to develop, deodorant brands will include strong antimicrobial agents in defense. 

But unfortunately, triclosan may do more harm than good. It has been like to hormone disruption, particularly estrogen issues, though there are no conclusive data to support any claims. In addition, it has been known to cause allergies. This makes sense because our bodies try and fight bacteria on their own, but when an antibacterial agent does the work first, the body will create an allergic response, or immune response, to the agent instead of the bacteria. 

So when you are next in Malaysia shopping for natural deodorant, make sure there is no triclosan in the ingredients.