6 Reasons You Need Texas Olive Oil in Your Skincare Routine

Texas olive oil skincare

Skincare is of the highest importance as it can help you feel confident and full of life. Ensuring that you take care of your skin can help you combat the effects of aging. Texas olive oil from Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is produced by crushing the finest olives grown in large orchards. The cultivation and production process has been around since the ’30s in Texas, and it is fast becoming a booming industry. 

Aside from the many health benefits, high-grade olive oil has several skin care benefits when included in your daily routine. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes this delicious oil so good for your skin

The Most Important Benefits 

Olive oil is an integral part of life in the Mediterranean, from cooking to using it on the skin and hair. Many countries in Europe use liters of the good stuff for uses such as cooking and as a beauty product. The people of the Mediterranean are considered to have some of the healthiest diets. They are blessed with lusciously smooth skin that seems to manage the effects of aging with ease.

Whether it is grown in Italy or Texas, it is rich in antioxidants. When consumed, it has a high oleic acid content, which fights inflammation and has many benefits for your heart health. 

Texas olive oil applied to face

Why Skincare is Important 

Taking care of your skin is vital to looking younger for longer. The health of your skin can determine how old you look and how well your body copes with healing wounds. By taking the time out to care for your skin, you can help counteract the effects of sun damage and the elements. 

Selfcare is a fantastic opportunity for you to spend time relaxing and taking care of yourself. Time spent filling your cup by including a daily skincare routine can improve your mental health and make you feel refreshed and revitalized. 

Texas olive oil

The Top 6 Reasons to Include Texas Olive Oil in Your Daily Routine

Skincare products can indeed be quite expensive or filled with any number of unpronounceable additives and nasties. If you have sensitive skin that doesn’t appreciate harsh chemicals, Texas olive oil might be just what you need. 

1. Texas Olive Oil as a Natural Face Massage Base

The art of gua sha is becoming increasingly popular. The facial massage has many benefits from increasing circulation to helping your skin produce vital collagen. Try using high-grade Texas olive oil from Texas Hill Country Olive Co. as a massage base if you don’t want to splurge and spend exorbitant sums of money on oils you are not sure will work with your skin. 

Steam and wash your face with warm water and a light cleanser before getting started with your message; use a few drops of olive oil warmed between the palms of your hand. You can wash your face after your massage and gently pat the skin dry. 

2. Texas Olive Oil As a Chemical Free Makeup Remover

If you’ve run out of makeup remover, or you find yourself struggling to remove your eyeliner, try a little olive oil on a cotton pad. This is an excellent alternative to makeup remover, or you can use it if you have run out of your usual brand. 

Olive oil is particularly great for waxy makeup products, meaning it can lift even the most stubborn waterproof mascara with ease. Another benefit is it is gentle enough to be used around your eye area, offering hydration as it lifts makeup. 

3. Protection Against the Elements

Packed full of antioxidants, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. olive oil is perfect for skin that is regularly exposed to the elements. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or in the sun and even the cold, your skin might be susceptible to dryness and flaking. 

The antioxidants protect your skin against early signs of aging, irritation, and redness caused by prolonged exposure to wind and sun. Always use it on clean skin within 10 minutes of washing your face with warm water. 

4. Powerful Anti-Aging Aid

Poor diets, genetics, and lifestyles can all impact the health of your skin and its ability to stay looking healthy and full of life. Adding olive oil to your diet can improve the quality of the health of your skin. By using olive oil in your skincare routine, you can combat the signs of aging by ensuring your skin is hydrated and cared for properly. 

5. Texas Olive Oil Healing Powers

Cracked and blistered skin can be frustrating to care for. Healing begins from within, and you can speed the process up by using clean and natural skin care products, such as pure Texas olive oil. The naturally occurring vitamin K helps the body fight infections and encourages blood to clot so that the natural healing process can speed up by closing and sealing the wound. 

If you have scared skin or a healing wound, use a little olive oil around the area to massage into the surrounding skin. Olive oil can ensure that the skin is not overly stretched and stays moisturized to heal fully. 

6. It is All About the Hydration 

Some of the biggest skin complaints are caused by a lack of moisture. Many people suffer from seasonal skin conditions such as winter hands. In the summer months, exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals in pool water can leave the skin feeling lifeless and dry. Colder months can mean dry and brittle skin as cold wind irritates the skin’s surface on exposed limbs. 

Use a tablespoon of olive oil in hot bathwater and a few drops of essential oils as a natural bath oil for added moisture. You can also use olive oil in place of traditional lotion; the oil locks moisture in and helps add a healthy glow. 

You Don’t Need Good Genetics to Have Great Skin

Not everyone is blessed to experience a healthy natural glow; some need to add a potion or two to their daily routines. Olive oil is one of the oldest skincare products that nature offers us; Europeans have used it for centuries with fantastic results. Whether you are looking for a long-lasting and cheaper alternative to expensive and fancy products or simply want to try something new – try using Texas Hill Country Olive Co. olive oil next time.