Why You Need To Invest Your Money In An Attorney After An Arrest

The process of being arrested is not very clear to those people that have not been arrested before. You think that you will immediately be thrown into a cell but there is a process to get you checked into the jail. Using your call wisely in jail can be very important as you will need to make bail. There are some charges where you can pay your own bail for those that are less serious. Investing in an attorney is going to make a huge difference as you do not want to take your chance with a public defender. The following are reasons why you should invest your money in an attorney after being arrested and accused of a USA crime

Diversion Programs

Getting offered to enter into a diversion program could result in your charges being dropped or lessened with completion of the program. This could include substance abuse classes, battery intervention classes, anger management, and drug testing through the process. A criminal defense attorney that has dealt with your case could recommend this for a first-time offender. People that have been arrested for the same charge multiple times are not going to get the chance to enter a program like this.  

Plea Deals

Plea deals are one of the most common results in a case where there is proof of a crime yet it might not be convincing. Taking the chance of going to trial when offered a great plea deal is usually not an intelligent choice. Negotiating these deals will take the experience with specific prosecutors and they could have a rapport built. Knowledge of how a judge sentences can also be a factor in whether you take a plea deal or not. 

The Dropping Of Charges

Dropping charges is obviously what you want to have occur. You can likely have your arrest expunged from your record. This can be important due to job opportunities that do background checks. The wrong charge can lead employers to overlook an applicant due to the stigma of certain charges even if you were totally innocent. Getting charges dropped means you don’t have to cover court costs like if you plea or are convicted. 

Taking The Case To Trial 

Trial experience does matter when working with a criminal attorney. You are going to get a harsher sentence compared to a plea deal if you are found guilty. Trial rarely is the route the prosecutors want to go as they usually want to save time with a plea deal. Things like going to a substance abuse program can be immensely helpful when it comes time for sentencing. Entering into one of these programs right after your arrest could even yield a better plea deal at the beginning of the case. 

Investing in your money in the right legal representation could keep you from spending time in jail or prison. Personal referrals can be great or knowing the right defense attorney. An attorney could cash in a few favors to get a better plea deal or negotiate harder if they were personally referred but this is not a guarantee.