Kitchen Cabinets Trends you might see in 2020

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most prominent and functional elements of a kitchen and that’s why we should not neglect them in any manner. It increases the beauty of your palette that’s why it is not a bad deal to see some of them in 2020. If you want to have the best kitchen cabinet, then you can contact Kitchen Cabinets manufacturer in Vaughan. They will suggest to you about the best design you can have for your kitchen.

Here are the best kitchen cabinets which you should possess in your kitchen for a neat and clean kitchen.


The larder is a type of large cupboard which is installed in a kitchen for storing food materials. People do not know what larder means, but they are using it in their house. Originally larder was used to preserve the raw meat, and from there the name larder was given. In the old days, people were not facilitated with a modern machine called refrigerator as the cool place was needed to preserve the meat from spoiling. The expanded meaning of this word means a large room used for storing food materials.  

Now, we have a refrigerator where we can store that food which is prone to perish without cooling. Cabinet makers are planning make such cabinets where they can store dry edibles like cans, packets, boxes of food. The size of the larder will depend on the size of the room where they are planned to be constructed.

It is constructed to put food inside it, but people call it a pantry, but the pantry is not for storing food items. If you want, then it can be designed perfectly and you can put a glass shield there with the help of which you will be able to display your designs.

Using recycled materials

 To make cabinets, several wood materials are used by the prolific cabinet makers. They are making use of recycled materials which is now a new trend in making cabinets. You can now get a custom cabinet by using recycled materials and you will be in vogue. They come from wood which is reclaimed and recycled plastic. Custom cabinets are a little bit expensive, so you may choose RTA cabinet boxes or recycled materials for doors. 

Open shelves

People dislike the idea of open shelves, but they don’t know that this is the new trend in the kitchens. If you are planning to install an open shelf in your kitchen, then it will be a good idea as it will help you in showing your collected cutleries. It also extends the storage space because there are no doors. You can use this shelf in the best way as you can keep daily use materials on the lower shelf and display items on the upper shelf. 

You would like to put vintage plate racks which are again a big fashion in society. You can put it on the walls and use it for the storage of dishes and it is the best example of functional décor. 

Mixing hardware

 Gone are those days when people used to keep everything inside the kitchen. What is according to 2020 trends are to mix and to match materials when it is about your hardware. There is no need to fear or worry if you are choosing nickels for your cabinet doors, brass for your faucets, and light fixtures of copper. You are supposed to choose the metal which should match with the color of the cabinets. The rough edges of the metals can be softened with orb lights. 

Two-toned cabinets are attractive as per the new trend. You may choose colors for a wall cabinet and base cabinet separately. A light color is more preferred for the wall cabinets as it will make your kitchen look shiny and attractive. You can mix gray undertones with any color as it will be the best choice for base cabinets. Most of the kitchen styles follow this pattern.  

Invisible fronts

There are some of the kitchens where home appliances are not visible as they are hidden behind the false cabinets. This is the new trend as you can order your cabinet supplier to supply doors that can match with the rest of the cabinets. There you will be able to hide a major appliance like a refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. It allows small places to look spacious.

In another related trend, we can hide small appliances like microwave ovens, coffee makers, etc. behind the wall cabinets. They run down to the countertop which is 18 inches above the wall cabinets. It will also give a sleek appearance to your kitchen so you too can have this in your kitchen for a better look at your kitchen. 

Change the texture

You can change the look of your kitchen with changed textures. You can select raw edges, smooth stones, and even bare metal so that the room can be lightened. Different types of woods can be used floors, walls, and ceilings for brightening your kitchen according to trends.

Pecky cypress finish is a famous trend of 2020. The reclaimed wood has uneven looks with cavities as well as burrows in it which can give a grainy look to your kitchen. With the help of this, you can cover the range hood and base cabinets of the kitchen. 

The trends of Kitchen will help you in selecting the new design for your kitchen and demonstration is also available here with different design options.