3 Ways you Can Make Money Online

If you would like to join the millions of digital nomads who make a living out of ones and zeros, there are quite a few choices, and as the Internet of Things is just round the corner, you can expect to see AI merge with 5G technology to change the world forever. As for making a living, in this blog, we will examine three avenues that you could take to generate an income online, with the aim of helping you to make the right choices.

  • Online Teaching – There is a huge market for Chinese people to learn English with online tutors, and if you are presentable and have some qualifications, you can slide right into a $20 per hour teaching agreement. There’s an art to teaching online, something your agency would help you with, and although you do not have physical contact, you can still effectively teach via the Internet. If you have teaching experience, you will likely be offered top rates, otherwise you will have to start on the basic rate, which will increase as time goes by, and China is by far the biggest market for online English language tuition, with many online agencies.
  • E-Commerce – Selling products online is one way to earn a living and it gives you independence and freedom, and whether you sell hair products or auto parts, with the right digital marketing agency in your corner, you could do really well. Setting up your shopping cart website would require a competent web designer, plus you must source your wholesaler, and by creating a business plan, you will cover every aspect of the business, including logistics. If you hire a digital marketing agency, they can optimise your website to achieve a high ranking within search results and this will drive traffic to your website.
  • FX Trading – Many Australians make a living on the foreign exchange markets by opening an account with one of the leading Australian forex trading companies, who have the know-how and the resources to ensure that you make money. All it takes is a Google search and you can be reading the many articles that give you an insight into trading currency and when you are ready, you can open an account. The FX broker would offer a demo account, which enables novice investors to experience a real-time buying and selling platform, without having to invest any money. They also give their clients free downloadable FX trading guides that are written by the professionals, which educate you about the FX trading market.

There are always new and emerging markets on the global platform we call the Internet, and with some careful forethought and planning, you too, can generate an acceptable income online, and this will give you a level of freedom. You can live at any location and do your work, all you need is a laptop computer and an Internet connection, and this means that you are not tied to working specific hours, which is ideal.