Finding People Online: Quick Tips and Tricks

Google is not the only search engine that can help you find people. When looking for certain persons, you might want to look for another way, then the first page of Google results. We’ve written this article to help you with new ways of finding people online – even those who want to stay hidden. is also a good way to find people online.  

Before you start:

Many people want to be left alone. This is the one thing you need to respect at all times. Do not stalk people, ex-lovers or relatives. Don’t do anything that can disturb their wishes to be left alone.

If the person did not request to hide some data about themselves, you should be able to track them down online. Usually, after Google, Facebook and Twitter are the next stops.

Social platforms

It’s true, Google is the best one. If you know some tricks, it’s even better. Type the name, then right after it. This can help you more than Facebook itself does, especially if you add the location to the search engine.  Also, if your normal search does not help you, then go to the Images tab, you might find more – but only if you know what does the person you’re trying to find look like.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also good. Each one of them has something that can help you. Let’s take a clear example: Facebook has filters to make your life easier and narrow down the results – all based on time and place. Even if the person did not post in a while, you could still find their older posts.

Twitter also has a people filter, just like Facebook. So just type the name and start searching. If you’re not able to find someone through the normal method, then you might want to restrict it by date or location. You also have other options, like email addresses and phone numbers. Many people use usernames to hide their real name, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t use their real e-mail or phone numbers.

On both of these sites you can block any person from finding your profile, but many people don’t even think about it or bother to do it.

The Intel Techniques website

Bazzell’s Intel Techniques website has a free tool that can find data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms. You can search for people that have worked at a certain place or who went to a certain school.

You can also find people based on email addresses and phone numbers. Search in public documents on Google Drive or on Scribd, or get contact details from a domain name. All of this, if they’ve been publicly registered.