Best Marijuana documentaries on Netflix

After reading through our list of the best Indica strains, some of you might have gained a hunger for knowledge. And to fill up your appetite, you should watch a documentary on Netflix. 

In the past, Cannabis was a somewhat taboo topic, and if you supported it, that meant you supported the drug gangs and crime. Thankfully, those days are now over. 

If you want to learn more, you can. 

These documentaries aren’t a one size fits all kind of thing. In this list, I will do my best to cover all the sides of Cannabis: the historical, scientific, legal, and the dark side. 

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

  1. Weed the people 

The first entry is “Weed the people“. This is quite clearly a play on the phrase “we the people”, a phrase often spoken in a political context. 

The movie looks at the scientific side of weed, and analyses the usage of medical marijuana. Unlike many other documentaries, this does not simply try to convince you that weed is good for an hour. Instead, it looks at both sides of the argument and allows the viewer to come to their own conclusion. 

When watching, you’ll hear some harrowing tales about people who have suffered from medical conditions, and found that weed is what helped them get through. 

  1. The grass is greener 

“The grass is greener” doesn’t look at the scientific side of the drug itself. It looks at the impact that the criminalisation has had on American communities, particularly those with high numbers of African Americans. 

This documentary shows the massively negative impacts that the “war on drugs” has had among the poorest and most vulnerable within society. It looks at how locking people up solely for the possession of a harmless drug has done untold damage to people and their families. 

After watching this documentary, even if you disagree with the legalisation of it, there’s no denying that the war on drugs has been a catastrophic failure. 

  1. Explained: Weed 

Sometimes, when you’re trying to learn about the science of something, you get led to Wikipedia articles, and scientific literature, and books. All of which are complicated and hard to understand. You don’t want a degree in science, you just want to know a bit more about what you’re smoking. 

Explained: Weed is perfect for us ordinary folk who just want to learn a bit more about weed. It tells you all about CBD and THC, but in a way, that’s easy to follow, and fun to learn from. 

  1. Murder Mountain 

Weed can also have a dark side. Many people associate it with hippies and people who like to listen to rubbish music and tell everyone they love them. 

But there is another association, and that is with violent criminals, and people who are willing to kill others just so they can make some money off of selling marijuana. 

Murder Mountain looks at that side. 

In this documentary, you’ll learn about how some of the most dangerous, and ruthless gangs use illegal marijuana to get their business done and ruin people’s lives. 

  1. The Culture High 

And finally, we have one that’s a combination of a medical documentary, and a political documentary, “The Culture High”. 

This documentary looks at the medical benefits of Cannabis, and how it can help with a variety of ailments, and how many places are already using it for medicinal purposes. 

It also looks at the effects that criminalisation has had on societies, and how the war on drugs has just made things worse. 

With people like Snoop Dogg, Cenk Uygur, and Joe Rogan giving their commentary, this is definitely one to put on your “to-watch-list”.