5 Tips to Save Money When Moving to a Major City

Moving to a major city is a common goal for many new graduates, suburbanites, and small-town residents across the nation. Moving to a city, with an abundance of job opportunities and the cost of living is average. Las Vegas Real Estate has increased substantially over the last couple of years with the inventory shrinking considerably, however, the inventories seem to be growing somewhat over the last few months. 

Moving can bring all sorts of costs and complications that become overwhelming. Here are 5 ways to save money when making a big move.

1. Hiring Movers or DIY

Don’t just assume that hiring movers will be more expensive than moving yourself. While that rental truck seems like a good deal, too many do-it-yourselfers put a lot of sweat into a move, only to realize they’ve spent more on a U-Haul than they would’ve on professional movers. Get three quotes from different companies. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Get references from previous customers and read reviews online. 

2. Free Boxes

Look for free moving boxes in unexpected places- mailrooms, the liquor/grocery stores, around the office, post on social media. Use suitcases and duffle bags. Pack up clothes, bedding, and heck, even dishes, in your suitcases for easy transport. Suitcases, in particular, are great for moving because their wheels allow you to move heavy items with ease. No need for bubble wrap when you have linens, towels, and clothing. If it’s soft and needs to be moved anyway, may as well put it to work as packing material. Use these items to wrap and/or cushion breakable or sharp items just as you would use packing paper or bubble wrap.

3. Get Rid of Junk

Selling or donating some of your belongings can earn you some cash. Another important consideration: if you’re bringing bulky furniture, check your new home’s measurements. Don’t go to the trouble (and expense) of moving that massive bookcase if it’s not going to fit in your new living room.

4. Ship your belongings

If you are moving long-distance and you plan to fly to your new home, look into shipping some or all of your belongings. Shipping rates through the United States Postal Service are reasonable and may cost less than a truck rental or hiring a long-distance moving company. The post office’s site at USPS.com is very easy to use and guides you step-by-step in measuring, weighing, and determining postage costs for your packages. You can even arrange for free or low-cost pickup of your packages through the website, saving you a trip to the post office.

5. Renting Moving Truck

If you choose to move on your own, you will likely need to rent a truck. However, if your move is temporary, or you have more belongings than space, a storage unit may also be necessary. As with hiring a moving company, it often pays to do some research into a company’s reputation, as well as its prices.