5 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

It’s common for homeowners to decide to move, particularly in the US, where it happens as often as every five to seven years on average. Reasons for this are numerous. It could be something as simple as the home being too small for an expanding family or the home being unequipped for new needs. The homeowners may simply realize that they made a mistake in buying the home, or a move may be necessary because of a divorce or other relationship issues. It could even be because of accepting a new job in a different area. Regardless of the circumstances, it stands to reason that a homeowner would want to get every dollar possible out of selling a home—it was no small investment, after all. The following are some relatively simple ways you can increase your resale value if you need to off-load your home.

Improved exterior

The way your house looks to passers-by, or its “curb appeal,” can be one of the biggest factors in your home’s value. It gives any potential buyers their first impression of your property, after all, and it needs to be a good one. All landscaping should be well-maintained, and if the yard doesn’t look as interesting as those of the neighboring houses, consider some plants or yard decorations to improve the look. Then you can focus on the inside of the house.

Kitchen and bathroom

These two rooms are the most likely to be outdated in most homes. While a full-scale remodel is always a possibility, it’s hardly necessary, and it would be difficult to recoup the value of such a drastic step. A minor kitchen remodel is the most likely home improvement to recoup its value, often up to 92 percent. It’s also recommendable to go with more minor changes to the bathrooms. A fresh coat of wall paint, some new flooring, and minor upgrades to fixtures are often all that’s needed to bring a bathroom up to date and significantly increase the value of a home.


Adding some tasteful redecorations is also a good way to make your home appear more modern. It’s important not to go overboard with this, because you don’t know the tastes of potential buyers, but some minor changes can be done on a budget. For example, some museum-quality Simple Canvas Prints can improve a room for as cheaply as a fast- food meal in many cases. Modern art, gorgeous photos, or original work can all be displayed as framed photos or rolled canvas to give your home some flair.

Square footage

The size of a home is one of the biggest factors in its value. Obviously, adding a room would be the simplest way to do this, but you may not want to go with such a large commitment. Luckily, you have plenty of cheaper options like finishing existing spaces, such as a basement. You could also add a deck for functional and recreational space. With the right planning, this can be done on a strict budget and could make a huge difference in your resale value.

Technological enhancements

Finally, you might consider upgrading your home to a “smart home” or improving the technological features it already has. Safety features are the most in demand, so things such as smart thermostats, electronic locks, security cameras, and smart smoke/carbon monoxide detectors should be the top priority. For convenience, you might also consider things such as smart lighting or voice-controlled speakers. These items are relatively inexpensive and could go a long way toward impressing potential buyers.

The level of investment and effort you’re willing to put in will obviously determine how many of these ideas you incorporate into your home resale plan, but any of them should lead to better offers.