5 Tips For Staying Safe On Your Scooter

Getting around on a scooter as an alternative form of transportation has become more popular than ever. Not only is zipping around on a scooter a fun pastime, but it’s also cost-effective! 

However, while they may be fun to ride, scooters can also be dangerous. If you get in an accident, you could get seriously injured, or worse, it could end in fatality.

Therefore, when riding your scooter, make sure that you follow these safety tips. 

Wear a Helmet

Some accidents aren’t avoidable despite taking all the right precautions. For this reason, safety equipment is a must. Wearing a helmet will ensure that your head is protected should you experience an accident and go flying off your scooter.

For extra protection, you may even want to consider additional safety equipment like gloves and pads. It’s nice to know that you’re prepared, should the worst happen.

Check The Tire Pressure

Far too many people get on their scooters without making sure that everything is in working order first. A quick check takes less than a minute and could save your life.  

Notice the appearance of the tire and whether it seems to have enough pressure. You should also verify the state of the treads. If they look worn out, you should replace them. 

Be Aware Of Obstructions

Always stay aware of your surroundings by looking out for potential obstructions and obstacles. Thinking ahead could save your life.

For example, a puddle may seem innocent enough from a distance, however driving through one too fast from the wrong angle could be considerably dangerous.  

Since a scooter doesn’t have the same size wheels as a larger vehicle, it’s vital to avoid obstructions more than you would in a car. Focus on the road ahead and observe any potential dangers.

Avoid Slippery Roads

Riding on wet streets or tiled surfaces could be extremely dangerous. The lack of traction could send you flying off of your scooter. If you can’t avoid a slippery terrain, then you should you 

Avoid Riding In Adverse Weather Conditions

Not only can rain and snow be dangerous for scooter riding, but so can lighting storms. Lightning can easily strike you on your scooter and likely kill you.

If you’re riding and start to notice lightning on the horizon, you’re better off pulling over and finding somewhere to wait out the storm.

Even though you may be in a hurry, and eager to arrive at your destination, it’s better to be a few minutes late than risk your life or someone else’s.

By following these tips and staying aware of the latest safety precautions, you can reduce your risk of hurting yourself while enjoying your scooter.