Why You Should Regularly Check in with How Your Employees Are Feeling

How your employees feel can majorly impact how well they work, what they bring to the team, and their productivity levels. When an employee is feeling disrespected at work or has something going on at home, this could impact their workload and your business. It’s important to regularly check in with how your employees are feeling, as this can ensure you have a happy, engaged team. Keep reading to find out more.

Employees Want to Feel Respected and Valued

When an employee feels like nothing more than a cog in a large machine, they are likely to not be as engaged in their job role. This can lead to feelings of resentment, which can cause a rift between management and employees, especially if employees begin talking to each other in the break room or outside of work. 

People do not feel valued and respected when they are not taken seriously by their manager, when they aren’t listened to, or when they are stuck doing a repetitive task with no thanks. The more you put into your employees, from award ceremonies to nominating an employee of the month, the more they will feel like part of the team, which will improve their loyalty to the company and their productivity levels.

Showing You Care Will Change the Workplace Dynamic

Although a manager needs to be an authoritative figure in the workplace, this doesn’t mean they can’t show they care. A manager who cares about their employees will build a better bond, which means employees are more likely to come and discuss problems with them before they get out of hand. 

On the other hand, a manager who doesn’t listen to employees’ issues is likely to have a team that will discuss issues behind their back, rather than face-to-face. You can also encourage workplace connections, as this is a great way for employees to feel like they have people to talk to at work. An open-door policy will improve communication between employees and management. 

The Best Ways to Check in With Employees

Using an employee engagement survey like inpulse.com is one of the best ways to check in with how your employees are feeling. Even with an open-door policy, some employees may not feel confident enough to speak out about certain issues face-to-face, despite encouragement. An anonymous employee engagement survey can tell you a lot about any issues in the workplace that you may not have considered before. 

This can aid your business in making the working environment better for all employees, and as you know, happy employees make good business. You can also hold weekly or monthly meetings with employees where you encourage them to raise any concerns or ways of working that cause unnecessary stress or tension for employees. It may take a while for employees to open up, but once that connection is there, it is there to stay.

Checking in with how your employees are feeling will make them feel respected and valued as a person, and as an employee in your business. Showing that you care about how your employees feel will improve performance, communication, and productivity in the workplace.