Top 4 Applications For an Outbound Sales Calls Team

It is the best business model when it has accurate business strategies, skilled labour, as well as the right applications and software. These are the 3 vital foundations of any business – big or small.

Especially, in the sales department where things keep changing and updating with each passing second, the team must have state of the art applications to run the errands smoothly. The tools include team communication, marketing automation, email finder, time and expense management, performance tracking management etc. 

Here are the 4 best apps that fit the business budget while providing all the amenities with the business needs.

Email Finder

What is a sales team without its contacts? Any outbound sales call team requires a list of connections to follow up with. Email marketing is one of the most prominent means of marketing and has an ROI of 4400%! That means for every dollar spent, you will receive $44 in return.

One such platform is This AI-powered website has an extensive database of all the email addresses of professionals around the world. It performs the email address search and fetches results in just a matter of seconds. The simple to use freemium software also comes with a chrome extension to a Linkedin account. So finding an account’s email address becomes way easier than expected. 

Sales Customer Relationship Management

Every Outbound sales calls team needs to have management software that helps in segregating day-to-day activities. From meeting reminders to the progress report, you name it & the software delivers it. The Sales CRM needs to be a one-stop shop for all the requirements.

There are many applications available to sort and manage the sales process effortlessly. Websites like, Nutshell, Pipedrive, Zoho are a few efficient sales CRM’s that makes the user’s life easy. Each of them is unique on its own, but some usual features are periodic metrics measurement for insightful reports, structuring the consumer data, automating redundant tasks, etc. 

Team communication

We always hear that teamwork makes the dream work, and it cannot happen without effective communication. With efficient communication, you get to know the work division and process its growth easily. An application that caters to the team’s requirements is best to employ.

One such productive application is Slack. In this application, you can create channels on different topics, star important messages, and set reminders to finish the tasks. Unlike emails, it lets you respond to each message in the group chat instead of answering in the long thread. Here you can handle projects seamlessly and also boost collaborative fecundity.

Time and expense

In the Outbound sales calls team, both time and money are interdependent. Here, time is money and money costs time. So the app to manage both should not only be productive but accurate as well. Time management applications available online helps in managing time and using it wisely. 

It provides an overall report by carefully observing what you do on your computer. It lets you know the redundant tasks you’ve performed and the places where they can be improved. The same goes for expense applications as well. Expenses, regardless of their nature, are hard to keep a track of without having a streamlined process. An expense related app should be qualified enough to store all the receipts and credit/debit card expenses. It should also process the report and show the pros and cons.