Tips for Choosing a Car Insurance Policy

car insurance

Whether you’re a new driver or looking to save some cash, picking up the right car insurance policy is vital. You don’t want to overpay, but you also need quality coverage in the event of an accident and that’s where Freeway Insurance comes in to give you great coverage, affordably. That’s especially true for accidents involving a personal injury. Here are a few tips to help you find the best policy, according to the experts at

The Annual Check

You should shop around for quotes at least once a year. You might be surprised to find that you stand to save hundreds over the course of six to twelve months. Keep in mind that you’ll need to speak with an agent for an exact quote, but online sources provide a close estimate. 

Review Your Current Coverage

Now that you have a ballpark idea on how much you could save, compare each quote with your current insurance. Look at the bodily injury and property damage coverages. Do these quotes provide the same type of coverage for less?

If the answer is no, keep in mind that minimum coverage offers minimal protection. You want to find a balance between your premium and what your insurer covers after an accident. You should also see what they offer. For instance, you might have money to put towards and accident lawyer if needed. 

Skip The Little Guy

When shopping around, don’t bother with small insurance companies. This tip isn’t about the money you stand to save, but the coverage and customer service you can expect. Top-rated companies make it easier to file a claim, make payments, and handle non-claim issues. 

Your Credit Matters

If you’re looking for a lower premium, the easiest way to pay less is to boost your credit score. You can use sites like Credit Karma to check yours for free and see what factors are impacting your score. These sites also show you how to increase your numbers. 

Deductibles and Premiums

Would you rather pay less each month but risk paying more out of pocket after an accident, or would you rather pay a higher premium and ensure everything is covered? Only you know your driving history, but you do stand to save up to 40% when opting for a higher deductible. So, choose wisely. 

The Repair Shop

It’s unfortunate, but some insurers will force you to use a lower-quality repair shop after an accident. Always remember to see where they intend to send you in the event of a crash and make sure that shop is prepared to include equipment from your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Change Your Car

Some cars come with increased safety ratings that help boost your saving. A Ford or Toyota SUV is going to work wonders on a premium, while a Porsche or Mustang might do a little damage. If you’re in the market for a new car, check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to find which models insurer considers the safest. 

Look For Discounts

Finally, keep an eye out for discounts from major insurers. Your age, marital status, and driving record can all help you decrease the final amount of your premium. Anti-theft and other car safety features can also help keep your cost down. If it makes sense, so does bundling your home and auto insurance.