Sex Education vs Financial Education


The august Church of England, head of the Anglican faith around the world, has issued a statement under the name of the Bishop of Canterbury saying that people should be learning about finance more than learning about sex education.


In a White Paper to the Parliament of Great Britain, the Church of England warns that knowledge of finance should take precedence over the dissemination of carnal knowledge, especially in schools.  


Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, released a statement earlier in the week under the heading of Financial Education Initiative, co-sponsored by the Financial Justice Committee, stating his concern that the continuing broad focus on Sex and Relationship education in Britain’s schools put children at ‘high risk’ of overlooking the more practical aspects of a good life — namely, financial planning and responsibility — for the more so-called glamorous and fascinating aspects of sexual relationships.


The Archbishop further states that many parents find it more difficult to discuss financial principles with their children that to discuss the basic facts of sexuality. He also said that primary school children need to learn at an early age about the disadvantages of  going into debt for unnecessary items such as trendy clothes, automobiles, and long vacations that are paid for by credit card and not really even considered as debt by many young people. Financial planning, said the Archbishop, leads to financial independence, which is vital to creating and maintaining viable relationships and raising the next generation of children.