Salvage Cars: What They Are and How to Safely Purchase Them

When you go looking for a car of your own to purchase, it’s easy to look at new cars as your first choice. However, these may be a bit out of your price range, and you may be looking for a much more affordable car if you can’t find any within your budget nearby. Even used cars may be pushing your budget to its limits.

One way you can side-step some of the higher costs that come with a new or used car is to purchase an automobile with a salvage title. These cars are almost always offered for significantly less than what they’re actually worth.

You may not have heard of a salvage-title car yet, so in this article, we will explain what salvage cars are and how you can safely go about purchasing one.

What is a salvage car?

A salvage car, otherwise known as a salvage title car, is a car that has dealt with significant damage in the course of an accident and was considered a total loss by the insurance company that paid the damaged vehicle claim for the previous owner.

In these cases, the cost of repairing the vehicle after such damage was sustained (whatever the damage may have been) is often higher than what the car is actually worth, which is why it was abandoned so shortly after the accident took place. Instead of simply letting the car be totaled, however, insurance companies may choose to seek out an auto repair company that will purchase the car and then fix it up to be resold.

When this happens, the automobile then receives a salvage title, and it’s put back on the market with all of the damage listed for the buyer to see. Depending on the state, a salvage title car may indicate that the car had issues such as severe collision damage, damage by fire, or damage by flooding. It’s also possible that the car had stolen or missing parts, the vehicle was utilized as a work vehicle (such as a taxi or law enforcement vehicle), or it was returned under warranty and remanufactured to be resold.

How to safely purchase your own salvage car

So, you decided that a salvage car may be the best car for your needs, and you carefully researched the pros and cons that come with purchase a salvage title car. Next, you need to know how to go about safely navigating the salvage car-buying process so you don’t lose money later down the road.

To start, learn exactly what damage has taken place with the car and how it may affect its overall performance. Figure out what the results of purchasing the car will be in terms of things such as insurance. Calculate whether or not the cost you will be paying for it is right, and inspect the car prior to purchase. You should also make sure that you are purchasing your salvage car from a reliable vendor like Auto Auction Mall who can make sure the buying process goes smoothly.

Buying a salvage title car is an option that many people don’t know they have, and it may be the right one if you’re looking for a much lower price on your next car. If you’re thinking about purchasing a salvage car, remember how to inspect and make sure it’s suitably high-quality before you buy your own.