Real Estate Farming 101: How Real Estate Prospecting Postcards Can Improve Your Marketing

The real estate industry is becoming more and more competitive, especially in online marketing. Most real estate agents spend thousands of dollars each month on online ads without getting the desired results.

The truth is that, although online marketing can be effective, it’s not the most effective way to market your properties. Postcards are by far the best way to increase your clients’ database and attract new clients.

However, you need to make sure your real estate prospecting postcards stand out and are appealing to your audience. Use the tips below to take your realtor marketing efforts to another level.

1. Add Images

Images can help draw attention to your postcards, especially if they are appealing, relevant, and of high quality. Consider using a photograph of a property you have listed or similar to the ones you sell in the neighborhood.

You could also choose an image of something in the community, such as a landmark or historic building. Alternatively, you could use a photo of the outside of your office building. Using attractive images can improve people’s chances of paying attention to your postcards.

2. Use Eye-catching Colors

Color can make your real estate prospecting postcards more likely to attract attention from recipients. Choosing bright colors for backgrounds or borders, for example, can be an effective tactic for ensuring that people notice your postcards when they look through their mail.

However, note that the color you select should depend on your branding and target audience.

3. Include Contact Information

Include contact information on your real estate prospecting postcards, so it is easy for people to contact you if they are interested in buying or selling a property. Including a phone number only isn’t good enough because some may prefer to use other options to get back to you, so try and include your email, website, social media, or physical address.

4. Personalize Your Cards

Like it or not, people connect with other people, not companies. Even when buying a home, they want to deal with a knowledgeable and trustworthy individual.

As you design your real estate prospecting postcards, make sure that readers know exactly who you are and what you do for them. Include a photo of yourself and include a headline that lets them know how you can help them.

5. Highlight Your Accomplishments

If you’ve never highlighted your real estate accomplishments on a postcard mailing, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to grab attention and build trust with your audience.

Accomplishments tell prospects that you have experience and what it takes to help them buy their dream home. For example, if you’ve won sales awards or belong to top real estate organizations, make sure that readers know about it on your prospecting postcards.

Want to Create the Best Real Estate Postcards for Your Marketing?

If you want your real estate prospecting postcards to stand out, you need to personalize them as much as possible. The more you personalize your postcards, the more likely a recipient will pay attention. Add a color photo of yourself to the front of the card, include a catchy headline, and incorporate attractive colors.

Remember that a postcard marketing campaign won’t get you instant results as practical as it is. It might take some time before prospective clients start to reach out, so try and exercise patience.