Important Aspects to Consider When Buying a Boat

If you love sailing in the ocean and you are ready to invest in your very own boat, there are, of course, many things to consider. Only you know the type of vessel that would suit your lifestyle, and whether it’s for some deep-sea fishing or simply cruising the bay, it is important that you choose the right kind of vessel. Here are a few aspects you need to consider prior to making any decisions.

  • New or Pre-Owned – This is the first consideration, and if you are new to sailing, a pre-owned boat would be advisable, which would allow you the time to assess your boating needs, and when you are sure of what you are looking for in a boat, you can trade in your used vessel for a new model. If you search online, you will find companies that have a wide range of new and pre-owned Malibu Boats, which are Australian made and perfect for water sports and general cruising.
  • Size of Vessel – Think about the length of time you are planning to be on the water, and if you are looking at overnight expeditions, then cabin space is a must. Another thing to consider is how many people you plan to have on your boat at any given time, and if you are primarily looking for a boat for just you and your partner, then a 20-30ft boat would be perfect. Your budget will largely determine the dimensions of your boat, and don’t forget to factor in mooring and boat care, which might be considerable.
  • Outboard or Inboard – The majority of people opt for an outboard motor, a powerful Yamaha unit that is ideal for towing, and there are many sizes, offering varying HP, and it is important that the engine size and power is suitable for the boat you have in mind.
  • What Are you Planning to do? You might be primarily looking for a fishing boat, a small and powerful vessel that will run you along estuaries looking for Bass, or if you are into wakeboarding or water-skiing, then you want something from the Malibu range, as the hull utilises superior wake and surf technology, giving you a fast, smooth ride.
  • Trailer – Unless you are planning to permanently moor a large boat, you will need a suitable trailer, and boats usually come complete with a customised trailer, for safe towing. Of course, your vehicle needs to have the power to pull the boat, plus you need to have the right kind of towbar fitted to the rear of your vehicle.
  • Boating Competence – If you are just getting into boating, then listen to the advice of the boat dealer, as you do need to gain some experience on the water, and ask the dealer to take you out on any vessel that you are interested in.

If you have calculated your budget and are fine with the running costs, the next step is to source a reputable boat dealer, preferably one that has the best names like Malibu, and they can help you make the right choices.