How to Stage your Home For Sale By Yourself

Do you think it’s hard to sell a house today? It may seem challenging, given the pandemic and related uncertainties.

But you still can, if you know how to present your home well. Home staging is all about giving your potential buyers room to imagine themselves as the actual owners of the house.

Research by the National Association of Realtors found that 77% of real estate agents believe that home staging makes it easy for buyers to visualize the properties as their own. Plus, it increases the value of a home by 6% to 10%.

If you’re thinking of staging your home for sale by yourself, the following tips might help you get a quick buyer.

Depersonalize the House

Remember that buyers come to see your home, not your stuff. Your belongings will limit their visualizations to the house.

Start by removing things like wall family photos, clothes, or anything hanging by the fridge. Clear the bathroom counters, taking away toothbrushes and contact solutions.

While some items might rekindle emotional flashbacks, remember that setting the house as clear as canvas allows the potential buyer to connect with the property.

Deep Clean

Hotels are always warm and welcoming because they’re cleaned on another level. You should do the same by deep cleaning your house.

Your aim is to make the house clean as if nobody has been living there. Dust, mop, vacuum, and wash all the corners — even the wardrobes.

It’s the easiest and cheapest way of making your house a step ahead in the listing. If you have a larger house and can’t do the job alone, hire a cleaning service. This step is critical. You don’t want to skimp.

Let the Light in

There is no time for mood lighting if you want to sell fast. A dark room is a sad room. Lighting is a critical element when preparing a house for sale. It changes how a room looks and upgrades its condition.

To improve your house lighting, replace burned-out light bulbs, open binding, and make sure the windows are gleaming. Also, open the lights when showing the house or taking photos.

Rearrange the Furniture

You need to get as much space as possible, so it’s essential to arrange furniture accordingly. Homebuyers want more room to walk around and visualize their furniture in the room.

Your focus is on getting rid of broken furniture and large pieces that don’t match the feel of the room. Don’t be afraid of mixing things up until you find the perfect match.

Bottom Line

Staging your own house for sale doesn’t need to be expensive, You just need to make intelligent decisions. With the help of agents, you can add value to your home and sell it at the price you had anticipated.