How to Hire a Corporate Event Planner in New York City

A corporate event planner in NYC can take care of everything from designing the event, selecting a venue, managing the budget, to overusing the final production of the event. With such important responsibilities, companies should be very choosy when they hire a corporate event planner. The selection process should incorporate ensuring that the corporate event planner meets several criteria in order to make certain that the event goes off successfully. The following are some tips on how to hire corporate event planners in NYC.

Search For a NYC Corporate Event Planner With the Right Skills

Consider how you envision your corporate event playing out. Will it be an intimate event with only C-Suite executives in attendance? Or will it be a large event open to all employees and shareholders? This step will help you to seek corporate event planners in NYC, such as 23 Layers, who have the right skills that align with your needs. Ideally, you want a corporate event planner who is accustomed to dealing with top tier events in New York City. Since your event planner will be communicating with venue managers, vendors and your own company representatives, as well as negotiating prices on your behalf, they need to be poised, with superior communication and negotiation skills.

Ask Key Questions

As you begin to conduct your corporate event planner interview process, compile a list of questions to ask each one. These should include:

1. What is your process? In other words, how do they go about planning and implementing the event? What you’re looking for here is a corporate event planner that is confident about taking the lead, while still including your input, but also not taking up too much of your time with insignificant details.

2. What would you need from me to get started? A good corporate event planner should have a ready answer to this question. Be wary if they say, “I’ll let you know,” or “I’m not sure right now.” Those answers could mean they don’t know what they’re doing and are planning to take things as they come. Worse, they could nickel and dime you along the way with last-minute requests for help or information. A good NYC corporate event planner should have at least a semblance of things they will need from you to get started, such as the anticipated number of attendees and a brief on your corporate culture.

3. What services do you provide? You need the answer to this question so you can find out if there are other contractors you need to hire. Ideally, your corporate event planner will take care of all the necessary services, either providing them in-house or contracting out others. Either way, you need to know exactly what you’re getting—and not getting.

There are many other questions you’ll want to ask before making your final choice. In the end, make sure you feel comfortable with any corporate event planner in NYC that you decide to hire. Having a good rapport with your planner is essential to an organized and successful event.