Gift Idea for a Connected Friend

We all have that one friend who’s up to date with all the trends and seems to text exclusively in memes. Why not get them a gift that shows how much you appreciate them?

Whether you want to immortalize all their goofy inside jokes or prove just how many memes they send you in a day, this is the perfect gift idea for a connected friend or loved one.

Print Out Your Text Conversations

MonLivreSMS is a website that allows you to export your text conversations from multiple messaging platforms to an ebook or print them in a paperback. This is the perfect gift idea for the connected friend in your life.

Print iPhone Messages

To print text messages from your iPhone, you must first back the texts and media up on your computer. Once they’re all saved, download and launch the MonLivre software and select the conversation you want to print.

You’ll need to fill in your contact details and wait a few days for the ebook to arrive. Once you’ve checked and confirmed the ebook is correct, you can order the book to be printed.

Printing Messages From an Android

To print text conversations from your Android device, you’ll have to download the MonLivre software to your phone from the website. Once downloaded, choose the conversation, customize your book and send your contact details. Once you’ve verified the ebook is correct via email, you can choose to print it.

Printing WhatsApp Messages

Before MonLivre can access your WhatsApp conversations, you’ll need to export the files and drop them into the website. Once processed, you can customize the book and give contact details to send the ebook to. Once you’ve confirmed the ebook is correct, you can print and mail this gift to a connected friend.

How To Print an Instagram Conversation

To export an Instagram direct message conversation, you’ll need to request to download the data and verify the request via email. Once downloaded, drop the file into the correct place on the MonLivre website and create your book. As usual, the book comes to you first via email as an ebook. Once you’ve confirmed everything is okay, you can choose to print and send it.

Immortalising a text conversation in a custom book is a fantastic gift idea for a connected friend or loved one. If you need more detailed instructions or help on any of the steps, visit the MonLivreSMS website.