Five Ways Small Business Owners Can Boost Staff Morale

It’s hard being a boss of a small business. Recruitment can be a challenge, as competing with the wages paid by large multinational companies is impossible. It’s harder for small businesses to offer the perks their larger counterparts do too, such as company vehicles. 

If you are a small business owner looking to show your staff they are appreciated or wanting to boost morale, these five tips will help you establish a happy and productive workforce.

Self-Care Package

Small businesses often mean small teams, which can lead to staff going above and beyond their contractual duties to ensure jobs get done. Working days can be long and showing your appreciation for their hard work can go a long way. Having a self-care basket in the kitchen or staff room is a simple way to show you care about your staff and their wellbeing. Fill it with everyday treats such as hot chocolate sachets, candy bars and cookies to give them a lift when energy is running low and also with items that nurture, such as hand creams, massage rollers and stress balls. Small gestures can make a big impact!

Birthday Treat

No one likes working on their birthday, so why not offer a bonus day of annual leave to staff on their special day? For small teams this is usually manageable from a practical perspective. As birthdays fall on the same day each year it makes it easier to plan how to cover staff absence. Some companies also offer perks such as allowing staff the day off for milestone events such as a dependent’s first day at school.

Quality Equipment

Providing your staff with high quality, reliable equipment will make their job easier. Not only that, but it is also an investment in your company and can be a huge asset. One of the main pieces of equipment your staff are likely to use each day is a computer, so it is worth making sure yours are running efficiently. If you decide to buy a new small business desktop, make sure it meets your needs. Other equipment that can boost staff morale and bring your company office bang up to date includes printers, photocopiers and cell phones.

Listen to Their Opinions

Allowing your staff to voice their ideas and opinions is a must if you want a happy, open workplace. As well as regular staff appraisals give them the chance to talk by offering an open-door policy or having a box where they can post ideas. Where appropriate, allow them to be part of decision making and idea sharing – you might find they have lots of fresh ideas to offer that help your business move to the next level and staff will feel valued. Win-win!


This might sound obvious, but taking time to verbally praise and thank your staff can make a huge difference to morale. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and that their contribution is valued, so make a point of praising staff when they have gone the extra mile or excelled and say thank you for their hard work at the end of the day. 

Most of all, don’t take staff for granted. Your business might be the biggest part of your life, but everyone is juggling work, family and other commitments. Understanding that is vital for a happy workforce.