Five Tips for Embracing the Lady-Boss That You Are in 2020

Five Tips for Embracing the Lady-Boss That You Are in 2020
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It’s 2020, the start of the new decade. We all went into January 1st feeling like Beyonce, until, about one week in, we noticed that our same old habits were holding us back. Now it’s time to get on track and start organizing life like the girl boss you are!

In this guide, we’ll go over five tips that can help you feel like your best self. Remember, we can’t always expect a fairy godmother to sprinkle magic dust and bring change overnight. Improvement comes with time, and we all still have room to grow. 

Tip One: Begin a Love Affair With Your Agenda

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Even if you’re one of those people with a fantastic memory, an agenda is an essential companion. Our lives are filled with stimulation, and it can be hard to manage all of that with a clear head. 

Take some time at the beginning of each month, week, or day to organize your appointment, meetings, and social occasions. Fill out your days with achievable to-do lists. This helps you focus more on quality over quantity, so you don’t have to torture yourself by squeezing huge tasks into a small amount of time. 

Get an agenda that has enough space for you to write notes, and add reflections about especially good (or hard) days. You’ll be happy in the future to see what you’ve accomplished. 

Tip Two: Make Mornings Sacred

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It may seem like a challenge at first, but you’ll be surprised how often practising a morning ritual can be a catalyst for positive change in your life. Essentially, by creating a sacred AM routine, you set your intentions for how you want your day to look and feel. 

If you wake up struggling and stressed that you’re late for work, that’s a lousy way to begin the day. If you take some time to exercise, meditate, and take time for yourself in the morning, you’re setting yourself up to take on the rest of what you have to do. 

What works for one person doesn’t necessarily always work for another. Instead of copying what your best friend is doing, try out what works for you. Some people like running in the morning; for others, that’s their idea of hell. Even if your routine is lingering in your bed, drinking coffee, and reading the news, make it a habit if it’s working for you. 

Tip Three: Talk to the Mirror

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What would happen if instead of criticizing your every flaw in the mirror, you decided to say thank you instead? 

Think about all of the fantastic places your feet and legs have carried you. Look at your tummy and remember all of the times, it felt warm and satisfied after dinner with loved ones. Take some time staring into your own eyes, and thank them for all of the beauty they’ve allowed you to see in the world. 

Our bodies are our most excellent companions. To be the best you, it’s essential to recognize the beauty that exists both within and without. Give yourself a pep-talk in the morning; you are amazing. Once you start being loving to yourself, you’ll exude confidence that will make you irresistible to anyone lucky enough to cross your path. 

Tip Four: Ask for Help When You Need It

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No matter how creative and intelligent we may be, we can’t do it all alone. There’s not one person in this world who can be successful without the help of others. 

In this day and age, we’re constantly bombarded with images and content that makes us want to compare ourselves to others. Instead of seeing what others have that you don’t have and feeling jealous, see it as an opportunity to collaborate. 

If you find yourself in a career or relationship that you’re not happy with, take some time to figure out who you are and where you want to be. Seek ways to do what you love and work with people who will help you Brand the Boss that you are. 

Be okay with asking for help when you need it. You’ll be surprised by how many people you know will be happy to assist you. 

Tip Five: Practice Gratitude

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Did you know that giving thanks can make you happier? That’s right. Just being grateful for what you have will radiate positive emotions throughout your brain and will help you build stronger relationships. 

Gratitude is the appreciation for what you’ve received in life, whether it’s tangible or intangible. People practice gratitude in many different ways and use it to connect with something more significant, whether that be people, nature, or some higher power. 

Send hand-written thank you cards when someone has helped you. Call your parents and tell them how thankful you are for all that they have given you. Express appreciation to coworkers, even when they mess up. You’ll feel better, and overall your experiences will be more positive. 

Make This Your Year

By embracing these tips, you’ll be able to be the best version of yourself and reap the benefits. You can do it!