Don’t Freeze Your Wallet! How to Save Money When Purchasing a Fridge

When your fridge goes kaput, you might feel like your savings (and all that delicious meat you have marinating inside) goes with it.

Never fear! There are some tips that can save you hundreds of dollars on your quest for a new refrigerator. We’re here to spill the secrets.

The Quest for the New Refrigerator

It’s always best to purchase a new fridge before your old one dies with a sputtering cough and a last gurgle. However, we don’t always get to pick when that happens.

The tips below will aid you on your quest regardless of your fridge’s status. The result will be less money from your hard-earned savings.

Black Friday

Yep. The sale of sales. The bargain of bargains.

Black Friday is the perfect time to replace the clunking fridge that makes visitors suspect you’re hiding a monkey in the kitchen cupboard.

According to Consumer Reports, this is the best time of the year for fridge sales, but if your appliance breaks down at a different time of year, there are other options.

Other Holidays (Columbus Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day)

Luckily, holidays are littered throughout the year. That means more savings on large appliances.

President’s Day and Memorial Day are two great go-tos if you can’t obtain a fridge on Black Friday, but competitive sales also appear during Labor Day and the Fourth of July.

Compare Prices

Comparing prices is a must. Yes, that means a little bit of research.

MarketWatch points out that a Samsung French door refrigerator was recently $998 at Home Depot and over $1,400 at JC Penney. Furthermore, many stores are willing to price match. This can save you tons of money.

Energy Rebates

Being energy efficient comes with its own perks. Oftentimes, energy companies will offer rebates on certified products.

Buy Refurbished

Open-box and refurbished fridges usually work just as well as new ones, but they are much less costly. Likewise, any with cosmetic damages are also great bargains.

To give you an idea of savings, Sears offers a Kenmore French door fridge for $1300 new and as low as $950 refurbished.

Get Rid of Your Old Fridge

Don’t just give it away. If it’s still working, sell it online. If it’s not, sell it for the scrap metal, ask around for recycling centers that pay for appliances or call local power companies. Many times they will offer you cash for an old fridge, even one that isn’t working.


Finally, consider repairing your fridge instead of buying new.

“Many times, an issue is a simple and inexpensive fix,” says an official with Top Shelf Appliance, a repair service.

Don’t Freeze Your Wallet!

The secrets are spilled and the quest is on. We hope you can find your own holy fridge so that when you get to open it, your face lights up.

Then again, that might just be from the fridge’s light bulb. But you get the picture.