5 Must-Know Reasons to Move to Myrtle Beach

Millions of Americans move per year, and if you’re thinking about relocating yourself and your family, chances are good that you are making a preliminary list of places that you may want to relocate to. 

Whether you’re moving for work, for lifestyle, or anything in between, one place that you’ll certainty want to consider is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

So, without further ado, here are five must-know reasons why you and your family should seriously think about moving to Myrtle Beach! 

  1. Fantastic employment opportunities 

With nearly 75,000 jobs in the Myrtle Beach area dependent on tourism alone, you can get a great idea for how vibrant the jobs market is in Myrtle Beach. Some of these jobs are hourly, others are management and supervisory. Beyond that, there are tens of thousands of jobs that have nothing to do with the tourism industry. 

Whether you’re moving to Myrtle Beach with a job already, or are moving there to get a job, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy a lot of upward mobility in Myrtle Beach. 

  1. The real estate market is diverse and affordable 

Whether you’re a young adult looking to purchase a condo, a young family interested in a starter home, or a retirement couple looking for a home with rooms to host the kids and grandkids, you will absolutely have lots of affordable and beautiful options. 

Myrtle Beach Real Estate for Sale has tons of different options for you to look at. On top of that, research proves that the value of housing in Myrtle Beach only continues to rise, which means that purchasing a home or condo in the city is a fantastic investment for now and in the future. 

  1. Beaches as far as the eye can see

The main draw for Myrtle Beach is … well … the beach of course! With 60 miles of uninterrupted coastline along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, it’s pretty hard not to love Myrtle Beach. 

Whether you’re a jogger, a swimmer, surfer, fisherman, boater, or just a good old-fashioned sun bather, you will never have a bad day at the beach. Oh, and by the way, the average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 215 sunny days per year, certainly guarantees that you’ll have at least one beach day per week, and probably a whole lot more than that.  

  1. Great schools

What else needs to be said? If you have young children, or plan on starting a family sometime soon, rest assured that Myrtle Beach offers exceptions public, private, parochial and charter schools. Beyond that, if you are looking to continue your own education, Myrtle Beach also offers two universities, one technical college, and several area trade schools.

Whatever your education concerns, rest assured that you will find a great fit for your children, or yourself! 

  1. Low taxes and low cost of living 

Life is more stress free and simply more enjoyable when you can afford everything you want to do! Low state taxes and low cost of living means that you’ll be saving more for your next big purchase or big trip. 

On top of that, if you’re already enjoying your retirement, the state of South Carolina does not tax Social Security benefits and provides generous retirement, income deduction when calculating state income tax.