3 Tips For Staying Fit And Flexible As You Age

Once you get past a certain age, it can seem like your body is never going to be as fit or flexible as it once was. And while this can be the case, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on being active and healthy. In fact, as you age, you really should be spending more time focused on your health and wellness so you can live longer and have a more fulfilling lifestyle.

So to help you accomplish this, here are three tips for staying fit and flexible as you age. 

Get Your Stretches In

While stretching is always important to keep your body limber, it’s arguably the most important for those who feel like their joints and limbs are starting to get a little stiff with age.

According to Carol DerSarkissian, a contributor to WebMD.com, stretching exercises will not only help you be more flexible—which can help with things from sexual health to overall physical mobility—but it can also reduce your risk of developing future injuries. This is because stretching can help build up your body’s strength in addition to increasing your stability and overall balance, which are all things that women need as they get older. 

Take Things Slow At First

Although you may have been able to wake up in the morning and go for a long run when you were a bit younger, most women need more time to warm up before intense physical activity once they reach a certain age. Because of this, it’s vital that you take things slowly at first when it comes to your physical fitness.

HelpGuide.org shares that in addition to warming up and cooling down appropriately before and after you participate in physical activities, you should also take things slow when starting a new exercise regimen. For example, you may want to start with just one day of prolonged physical fitness each week until your body can adjust. Then, try adding one more day each week until you’re able to work out at your desired pace without having major physical setbacks afterward. 

Eat More Protein

Another aspect of staying fit and healthy as you age has to do with eating the right foods for your body. As you get older, your nutrition might have to change based on what your body needs, especially when it comes to older women.

According to Elizabeth Quinn, a contributor to Very Well Fit, many older women don’t get the protein their body needs to maintain muscle mass. To combat this, make sure you’re getting enough protein from all types of sources, including meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and more. 

If you’re an older woman who’s worried about staying fit and flexible as the years go on, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get and stay healthy in all areas of your life.