Why you should spend $1000 to get benefits worth $35000?

Why you should spend $1000 to get benefits worth $35000?

It has been quite shocking how sophisticated and smart professionals sign an employment contract without being acquiring full knowledge of the contract. They just blindly sign off the contract ignorantly. They are the ones who put themselves into trouble later and are often shocked when they are terminated from their jobs. It has been observed that most of the employment contract specifically prohibits the employee’s to undergo a period of unemployment. You should never let this same situation happen with you. Therefore, we are here to discuss a few reasons why you should get your employment contract reviewed by the Employment Lawyer Toronto.

There are chances that your contract might have some post-employment limitations

Many employment contracts have numerous clauses added to it, which are done by your employers to seek restrictions on your new employer’s legal commitment to you. Some of them are non-competition, non-solicitation, and termination. These clauses server has crucial restrictions after you become unemployed. Many employees carry a misconception that those clauses don’t apply to the, however, that isn’t very true. You should be very sure of the clauses and get proper advice from a qualified lawyer before you sign them. Employees should understand that their new employer already has hired good lawyers and will go to the highest extent, to protect their business needs. Therefore, employees should also play safe. They should learn and understand well the obligations and rights of the contract.

You could lose money if you fail to review your employment contract before giving consent

The clause in the employment contract that can affect an employee negatively is the ‘termination clause’. The termination clause aims to restrict the employee’s salary break-up to the minimum worth as decided by the statutory laws. Due to this, the employees regulated by the state get 1-3 weeks of earnings on completion of each year’s service. However, employees who are regulated federally get much less and this doesn’t suffice their financial security during the period of unemployment. Suppose an employee is terminated before the stipulated term of service and doesn’t get more than just 2 weeks of earnings and benefits, then it becomes very tough to survive for the time while he/ she is seeking a new job. Therefore, make sure you get the contract verified and confirm the ‘termination clause’ beforehand.

An employee might find himself locked-in to the Contract

At times, employees are so ignorant, that they come to know and understand their employment after their employment term has finished. They do such things because they want to curtail the fear of losing the job offer. So, just to bag the opportunity they feel pressurized and blindly sign the contract. Such reasons don’t stand valid in legal circumstances, as they do not value them. Not everyone can come out of the problem after signing the contract without understanding and hence they suffer. Canadian law is sympathetic towards those employees and doesn’t hold accountable for their deed, however, they cannot do much in their favor. This is more because on the contract it is boldly written, “The employee understands the contract”. If the employee reads carefully and understands the contact with the help of an employment lawyer then they would be better off in the future.

An employee shouldn’t risk a potential new job

When a person gets a good offer from a company, he doesn’t negotiate or understand the contract much in the fear of spoiling the opportunity. However, a few things that an employee should understand is, the employer releases the contract with an expectation that the employee with negotiating which is natural. Secondly, the person with whom the employee negotiates is an existing employee of the organization and he is already in the employee’s shoes. Therefore, there are chances that they would consider the assurances and protections that you seek in your new employer. Always, remember an organization who addresses the reasonable requests is the ones who top the list. Hence, you should never be afraid of negotiating and putting through your words to your new employer.

Fighting a contract is five times more expensive than getting it reviewed

Another issue that the people find while it comes to review their contract is the payment of the human resource or employment lawyer. Most of the time, the employee restrain themselves to pay $1000 or less to the lawyer and hence avoid reviewing. Little do they know that it would cost a bomb, to get the contract negotiated later by a lawyer. As the well-known phrase says that prevention is cheaper than cure, hence employees should always take preventive measures by getting the contract reviewed in advance. If they happen to lose their job in the future, they can be benefited from more months of benefit and compensation. If an employee signs the contract without obtaining much knowledge, they are just trading off some of their rights and gaining few obligations. The above article has suggested many reasons to get your contract reviewed before signing it. Hope you would understand the importance and take preventive measures on time.