These 5 YouTube Channels Will Boost Your Finance Knowledge

Paying even a cursory level of attention to the financial markets over the past two years will reveal a few stunning revelations. First and foremost is the rise of cryptocurrency in conjunction with digital economic activism. 

From headlines revolving around Gamestop stock disruption to discussions about growth rates and portfolios, it is easy to see why we are living in such exciting financial times. One way individuals can improve their financial future is through learning about finance from credible resources, such as by watching these educational videos on YouTube.

Today, we are going to highlight several financially-focused YouTube channels that every new investor and financial enthusiast can embrace.

1. WhiteBoard Finance by Marko Zlatic

Leading the charge is the WhiteBoard Finance channel, originally launched in October of 2017. Founded by Marko Zlatic to make personal finance more palatable to the average investor, WhiteBoard Finance has already accrued north of 630k subscribers. With videos on numerous topics including Buying and Leasing, Managing Your Money, and Embracing Cryptocurrency, there is always something new to learn.

For WhiteBoard Finance, Marko tries to teach his viewers in simple and easy-to-understand terms. For that reason, each video is gaining millions of views as well as a communal interest in supporting one another. Just take a look at how a communal support system can help. With trending information regarding cryptocurrency as well as a millennial’s approach to education, WhiteBoard Finance offers plenty of educational videos for viewers to enjoy.

Areas of Focus: Broad focus on financial topics. Everything from real estate and cryptocurrency to car loans and the stock market.

2. Graham Stephen

Probably one of the most popular financial gurus on YouTube, Graham Stephen has built quite the following through his YouTube account. Graham established his YouTube with key areas of focus on real estate, credit cards, and breaking news. Graham’s success, however, does not come from YouTube. He had been part of a successful real estate venture dating back to 2008, accruing over $120m in real estate transactions.

For Graham Stephen, much of the focus that his educational videos take is on creating passive income in the future while saving your gains now. A great entry point for investors looking to familiarize themselves with long-term gains, Graham Stephen makes learning easy. Graham has more than 3.17 million subscribers and each video he uploads is sure to crack half of a million views, at least.

Areas of Focus: Real Estate, Credit Cards, Breaking News.

3. Financial Education with Jeremy

Also simply known as ‘Financial Education’, Jeremy hosts a YouTube channel with more than 33 million views, 400k subscribers, and an investment portfolio of well over $200k. A true millennial investor, Jeremy went from broke at 19 to a massive portfolio by his 24th birthday.

Embracing his position as a true rags-to-riches success story, Jeremy utilizes his channel to inspire, motivate, and inform investors who want to follow in his footsteps. For more advanced information, Jeremy also offers subscription-based services through his Private Stock Market Group.

Outside of his work with stocks and investing, Jeremy presents content that features tips for saving money, living better, and planning for your future. Only a YouTuber since 2016, Jeremy seems ready to experience continued growth in the coming years.

Areas of Focus: Real estate, stock portfolio, and money-saving guidance.

4. Andrei Jikh

Featuring videos as alluring as “$700 Per Day”, Andrei Jikh is focused on curating an audience of investors looking to change their life. Andrei utilizes more entertaining camera angles and edits than his competition which provides new life and a bit of flair to his channel. In 2020 alone, Andre Jikh saw audience growth exceeding 188,000 subscribers per month. Andrei’s focus is on financial minimalism and he often utilizes his background in magic and card tricks to tell stories to his viewers.

Areas of Focus: Retirement, Daily Progress, Passive Income.

5. Ryan Scribner

Let’s close out today’s overview of financial YouTuber’s by emphasizing Ryan Scribner, a financial guru who covers investing in stocks. Scribner is a newer channel in comparison to some of the other members of our breakdown, but he has already grown to more than half of a million subscribers.

Much like other real estate investors, Scribner focuses on curating content that applies to several different demographics. With reports by suggesting that 74% of adults utilize YouTube, this means there is plenty of new and dynamic coverage to check out.

Areas of Focus: Investment Services and applications.