The Best Gadgets to Acquire for a Modern Kitchen

Whether you’re a budding food enterprise wanting to make sure that you have everything necessary to prepare the best dishes, or you simply wish to create impressive treats for friends and family, it helps to be open-minded about the gadgets to buy.

We searched high and low for a kitchen gadget that’ll support lofty culinary goals and found a few good ones, with input from Fix It Right Australia plumbing services. Let’s take a look now.

Delicious Homemade Ice Cream

Do you want to make a few samples for lucky dinner guests or produce batches of delicious ice cream at one and a half litres per time? The Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream maker is capable of producing everything from sorbet to creamy ice cream to frozen yogurt when fed the right ingredients. It takes around 40 minutes to produce one and a half litres of ice cream.

For expanding ice cream caterers, there are other machines capable of producing 2.8 litres an hour, plus stand-up machines used in ice cream parlours that rapidly produce over 200 ice cream cones filled with tasty sorbet or ice cream for waiting customers.

Protection for Accident-prone Chefs

Do you know someone who is a bit clumsy with a kitchen knife in their hand, but still manages to impress in the kitchen? Or, does that describe yourself? If only there was a way to avoid the overuse of band-aids covering up tiny knife cuts, all would be right in the world! Well, fret no more as there’s a great solution in-hand.

The Twinzee gloves are specially made for the kitchen, with a special material that’s 4X more durable than leather to avoid accidental cuts from knives. The gloves have been awarded the EN388 (Level 5) award for their impressive resistance to cuts. Finally, it’s possible to slice and dice vegetables, and carefully prepare slabs of meat without fearing painful cuts to your hands in the process. Best of all, being made for busy home and commercial kitchens, this product is machine-washable to keep each pair hygienic and ready for food preparation areas.

Convenient Digital Thermometers

Maintaining the proper temperature for meats, vegetables, and ready desserts is crucial for delivering a perfect taste while avoiding any problems with food hygiene. Whether running a commercial kitchen or wanting to ensure the equipment is functioning properly, a digital fridge-freezer thermometer is ideal. While the latest refrigerators sometimes have fancy LED display panels at the front providing details like the internal temperature, using your own thermostat allows you to monitor temperatures in specific parts or levels of a fridge/freezer.

The AIGUMI digital thermometer is waterproof to cover unfortunate accidents. It reads temperatures from -20 degrees C up to a warm 60-degrees C. The design is flexible to allow it to stick on a fridge or freezer door using its magnet, to hook over an internal rack or it can stand independently on a flat surface to make it easily readable. The readout has enlarged digits for easier reading without needing to wear glasses or contacts to see! It’s available singularly or in value packs to monitor the temperature on different fridge-freeze racks which is the way we’d use them.  

How to Afford It

Of course, not everyone will be able to afford all of the above gadgets and that’s okay.  However, if you are thinking of taking your love of food to the next level, it can be worth looking into loans online. If you shop around, you can find one with an interest rate that suits you, and you can start making money much earlier than if you had to save.  You could also ask family and friends for financial help if you feel comfortable doing so.

Can you think of any other gadgets a modern kitchen needs?  Let us know in the comments.