How CBD can Boost Your Business

As time marches on, it seems that the nation is becoming more and more receptive to — and curious about — cannabis. There are many misconceptions about this subfamily of plants, but the more enlightened people become about it, the more they lighten up. As another result of cannabis’ growing endearment is that science is coming up with incredible ways to use certain extracts from it. The main extract that is really gaining in popularity is cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD.

CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in both hemp and marijuana. Unlike the euphoria-inducing cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol — THC — CBD does not produce a “high” in the user. In fact, in high enough concentrations, it counteracts the effects of THC and it has a myriad of health benefits. It also can also be a very lucrative product to put on the shelf of your health store or smoke shop. Continue reading to see how CBD can give your business a “lift.”

CBD health benefits

The most exciting thing about the growing enlightenment around cannabis is the many health benefits of it that are being uncovered. With healthcare being one of the biggest industries in the United States, that could mean great things for your bottom line.

The opioid epidemic that is sweeping the nation has a lot of healthcare professionals on edge about how to treat chronic pain. Opioids have been the best solution at the disposal of the medical industry for severe pain for decades, now. While they are very effective for their cause, they are also highly addictive, and even deadly, when abused. Numbers show that every day in the United States, 130 people die of opioid overdoses every day, that’s 47,500 people a year!

To the delight of pain management specialists, CBD, which has no euphoric or hallucinogenic side effects, has been shown to be effective to relieve chronic pain. Furthermore, it has even shown promise as a combatant against opioid addiction.

Mental illness, along with opioid abuse, is another topic that has taken center stage in the discussion about modern health issues. According to studies, depression is the leading catalyst of disability worldwide. There are over 40,000 suicide victims every year in the United States, very close to the number of deaths annually from opioid overdose.

Research has shown that CBD can be a formidable treatment against depression and anxiety. It is different from other treatment options in that CBD has milder side effects than the medications that are traditionally used to combat mental illness. In addition, unlike many drugs that are frequently prescribed for depression and anxiety, it is not habit forming. Because of its natural essence, CBD is fast becoming the go-to cure-all for alternative health aficionados and marijuana enthusiasts alike.

CBD is not regulated by the FDA, and this is beneficial to vendors and consumers alike. As long as your products come from hemp rather than marijuana, you’re in the green. You won’t need a special license to sell the products and your customers won’t need a prescription. You don’t have to jump through hoops to secure a supply either. Online companies, like The CBD Distributors, offer products on the small scale for end users and in bulk for companies.

CBD products

Now that you see a couple of reasons that CBD has been the buzz, you’re probably wondering what forms it comes in. Here are some CBD products to consider offering to your consumers.

CBD oil is probably the most popular form for CBD users to turn to. The oil can be administered through several methods. It can be applied topically for skin or pain relief, and it can even be put into food or dropped on your tongue.

CBD vape is an ideal product to put on your shelves if you’re in a state that has legalized marijuana for recreational use. It is another very popular way of taking CBD. Marijuana strains that are high in CBD will not cause the same level of euphoria as other strains because CBD actually counteracts THC.

Sublingual sprays like CBD oil allow users to administer CBD discreetly. The CBD is sprayed underneath the tongue and absorbed into the system. You can determine the ratio of CBD to THC to get the desired treatment and effects.

In 2016, the CBD industry was forecast to grow 700 percent by 2020. Equally as exciting, cannabis is forecast to be a cash crop as lucrative as cotton was in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Now is the time, like never before, to get down with CBD.