Foreign Language Translated Subtitles – What’s the Difference?

Translations through a professional translation service can ensure that a wide variety of content is made available to more people. Translations can include technical documents, such as instruction manuals, operating instructions, patents, reports, product descriptions, pharmaceutical pamphlets, medical brochures, and more. 

There are also many other needs for translation to make content available to other language groups. An example would be the entertainment business, where film, video, and documentaries can be made available in several foreign languages. Professional translation services can provide foreign language translated subtitles.

The most important aspect of foreign language translated subtitles is the translation of the spoken language of one language into another language. This enables speakers of different languages to appreciate and enjoy the content as well.  

Why there is a need for foreign language translated subtitles

The entertainment business often needs its films made available in foreign countries. It is therefore conducive for them to have the dialogue translated into the target languages. It is a cost saver, as voice-overs are more expensive. Therefore, most entertainment businesses would prefer to use subtitles.

Translating a movie into English from French, for example, will give English-speaking viewers the ability to understand the narrative and dialogue of the film through subtitles. The other reasons for foreign language translated subtitles are to make pre-recorded videos, television shows, and staff training videos available in other languages.

Businesses that are expanding into foreign countries can use video training materials with subtitles. There would be no need to record each video in a different language. Once the initial training video is recorded, it can be subtitled in different target languages.

The difference between foreign language translated subtitles and closed captions

A simple explanation is that foreign language-translated subtitles are just that – translations. Captions, on the other hand, are not translations but are for those viewers who cannot hear the audio. There is, therefore, no need for translation. Video or film subtitles are meant for viewers who do not understand the language being spoken on the screen.

Foreign language translated subtitles are the translated dialogue without any sound effects inserted in the subtitle. The subtitles are directed at those who can hear the audio but do not understand it. Closed captions will often include an indication of “music playing,” for example, intended for the hearing impaired.

Although closed captions and subtitles serve distinct purposes, they are both always timed to the media and, for the most part, allow viewers to turn them on or off. The latter is especially true for online viewing. The need for foreign language translated subtitles has increased exponentially in the last few years.

How do foreign language translated subtitles work?

Professional translation services have the expertise to provide subtitles for any of your visual media, in particular. They do need the visual media (video or film) to obtain the transcript. The transcription involves an actual translator, who would listen to the audio and create the language translation. 

Once the typed-out transcript has been created, the subtitles can be inserted into the video or film. In most cases, if not all the time, subtitles are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The translator who does the foreign language translated subtitles can use time codes to speed up the process.

The translated subtitles often differ from the actual dialogue. This is simply because human translators have an understanding of the cultural nuances of the languages they are translating. They also have to consider localization in the translation process.

The same principles and requirements apply here as for any other type of translation work. This is why it is important to make use of the services of a professional translation service to ensure excellent quality. 

Businesses that offer a wide range of services can vastly increase the success of their products by providing customers with a satisfying experience. This is for both the entertainment business and other businesses. Professional translation services will ensure that your foreign language translated subtitles are created by human translators who are qualified and certified and not by automated software.

Translation services for foreign language translated subtitles 

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