Agricultural Marketing Tips For Dummies

Until now, agricultural marketing has been old-fashioned and behind the digital curve other industries have already adopted.  Though farming technologies have been developed in a major way, the connection to digital marketing is only a recent development in farming.  

The upcoming generation of farmers is beginning to shift the ways in which old-school farmers used to manage their businesses. It’s about time they step into the reality of a new wave of marketing in agriculture.

Imagine your business selling natural animal feed ingredients may grow its network of customers and even partners, likewise promoting all-natural products when you market them online. Check out some of these digital marketing tips for farmers.

Reach your target farmer where they are 

When you’re considering various platforms to utilize for digital marketing efforts, think about where farmers spend their time online.  Place your digital efforts in the right spots with a little consumer consideration.  

For instance, social media is a great spot for finding farmers.  Nearly 40 percent of reporting farmers use Facebook regularly. Based on that information, you would find success by placing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads on Facebook. 

Start a compelling agricultural blog 

Farmers read to better their farming operations, and your agricultural business can be a leader in the industry for new and engaging information.  Post regular blog entries, featuring subject matter that matters to agro readers.  

Your agricultural based blog posts don’t have to be limited to farming techniques.  Branch out with your topics, and write for a reason. Try using this blog for the best sub-compact tractors as reference for adding diversity to your content.  

Mobile marketing will help your digital reach

Today’s farmers keep their mobile phones by their side at all times.  There are various farming processes which are linked to mobile access for easier management and maintenance.  

Reaching farmers where they spend their time online is one thing, but reaching farmers by utilizing their method of accessing the web is even more effective.  Practice mobile optimization in everything you do online, and your marketing efforts will be more successful.  

Consider starting an agricultural podcast 

Farmers watch podcasts and YouTube tutorials to gather the latest pieces of information and knowledge out on the most innovative farming tools and techniques.  Your agricultural business can reach more consumers in your targeted population by creating a quality podcast.  

Before you begin shooting the brief podcasts or how-to videos, take the time to plot your course.  Have a plan for maintaining your channel, so you don’t leave interested viewers hanging.  

Design a business website for your operation

Your digital marketing efforts begin with a quality business website.  You need to create a home base for your operations online, so today’s consumers have easier access to your products, services, and updated information.  

Delve into the foundational elements of a successful business website, and start building today.  If you already have a website, remember that there is always room for improvement and updating.