3 Experts Share Their Biggest Tips For Creating & Running a Successful Blog

Niche blogs are a great source of information for specific topics and the online world is full of great content for your reading and learning pleasure. No matter the topic, there’s a good chance that there are a number of blogs dedicated to the topic and ranking near the top of page one on Google.

If there’s no blogs dedicated to a certain topic right now, then chances are there will be one soon. And these people will be doing all they can to improve their website rating, rank higher on Google, get more people visiting their website, and becoming a reliable source for online readers.

If you want to create your own blog – or are trying to grow one right now – there’s lots you need to know, and things are constantly changing. It will be tough to keep up with everything, but there are things you can do to make the most out of your blog and grow it to a place where you can eventually earn money from it.

We reached out to 3 popular blogs and asked for their advice on creating & running a successful blog. Here’s some initial advice they shared we thought would be helpful to readers:

Research & Learn About the Latest Updates

When we talked with the founder and owner of Prepared Cooks, she mentioned the need to stay on top of the latest advancements in the online world. You should stay up to date with the latest SEO algorithms for Google, how to take advantage of mobile users, writing content to target specific keywords, and more.

These things are constantly changing and, if you stop paying attention for a certain length of time, then you risk falling behind and having competitors pass you. Read as much as you can about new changes to Search Engine Optimization, learn about the different web hosting platforms and make sure you’re doing all you can to help your blog grow in all aspects.

Create the Best Content You Can

The owner of Reptile Maniac urges you to focus on creating the best content you possibly can. There’s a ton of mediocre, generic content on the internet that doesn’t move the needle very much. It doesn’t provide new insight, leaves people with more questions than answers, and just pushes them along to the next website where they hope to have their questions actually answered.

Instead of creating mediocre content, you should go ahead and work hard to create the very best content you possibly can. Put a ton of research into your topic, write long content that covers the entire story (and not just part of it), and use as much expert data you have to bolster it with real stats. Images and videos are also a great way to turn mediocre content to great!

Focus On What You Love

Jeff Parke has built one of the most trusted fitness blogs on the Internet with Top Fitness Mag.

I asked him about all the technical things he does to help his blog grow and what he would recommend to new bloggers who want to grow their website so they can earn money from it. The first thing he said didn’t offer up technical advice or share specific details on how he did it. In fact his advice was quite simple: focus on and write about what you love.

This will serve as the fuel you need to keep going when you’re tired and burnt out from trying to build your blog. It’s a long, gruelling process – especially if you’re starting from scratch – and you’ll need to have a true passion for your topic if you want to keep going for a long while.