10 Careers that Will Never Get Boring

There are hundreds of careers out there. With so many options, it can feel impossible sometimes to settle on the right one. If you’re looking for your first career, or a new career, then you’re facing that decision-making process. You might feel a bit overwhelmed, but sometimes it helps if you narrow your options down. Maybe you want to work in the medical field, or you want to work with numbers. Maybe salary is your top priority. If you can find one topic that’s important to you, it can help limit your choices.

If an interesting job is at the top of your list, consider the careers below. Each one of these jobs will never get boring.


Becoming a nurse leaves you with plenty of options. You can work in labor and delivery, pediatrics, the ER, and more. You could work at a day clinic, with regular hours, or work three twelve-hour shifts a week at a hospital. Becoming a nurse is a serious commitment, but you can start working with a four-year degree, or find an Associate Degree in Nursing program and start working after only two years. Your salary will be slightly less, but you’ll still be making a great wage for an associate’s degree.


A psychologist is a professional who works with the human psyche. As a psychologist, you might work with addicts, provide talk therapy, or do research into human behaviors, specializing in a certain psychology field, like psychotherapy or school psychology. With any psychology job, your work will be meaningful, and every day will provide new challenges for you to meet. If you love navigating the human heart and mind, a career as a psychologist might be right for you.

Court Reporter

You may remember court reporters from any crime TV show or movie you’ve seen. They’re the ones who sit in the corner and take shorthand notes about everything that was said. The court reporter is responsible for transcribing every word, exactly as it was said, for legal purposes. Usually, you can become a court reporter with only a certification or two-year degree. To gain further insight into the career of a court reporter, look at these Fort Lauderdale court reporters.

Surfing Instructor

When your favorite hobby becomes your job, then every day is an enjoyable experience. You may have a passion for many things, but if you have a passion for surfing, you could turn your passion into a teaching opportunity. Plenty of people want to learn how to surf, and people who want to surf Hawaii while they’re on vacation will need someone to show them how. As a surfing instructor, you could hit the waves every day, and pass on your passion to others.

Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Among younger generations, almost 40% have at least one tattoo. Tattoos are less stigmatized (especially if you can hide them at job interviews), and many are finding ways to express themselves with a personal tattoo. As a skilled tattoo artist, you’d never be out of work, and you could engage with art on a regular basis. You might work in the evenings or on the weekend, but you could be relatively independent, and you’d get to make other people’s ideas a reality.

Special Ed Teacher

A special education teacher is someone who works with disabled children, whether it’s a physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability. Often, these children need extra care to continue their education, and special education teachers take the time to advance their education. As a special ed teacher, you’d adapt a lesson plan to meet the needs of each individual student. You’d also counsel parents on things to practice at home and things to do with their child–for example, these sensory friendly activities in Lansing, MI are a great example of the many adventures you could help parents take with their children.


If you have a penchant for the dramatic, you might consider a career as an actor. While the chances of becoming a Hollywood star are slim to none, a career as a theater actor might be up your alley. Acting students be warned: you seldom make more than a pittance, since your job will be for next-to-nothing pay in the evenings, and your salary will come from odd jobs during the day. Some find that the life of the theater is too good to ignore, however, and the community and art immersion of theater make it a must for certain thespians.

Web Developer

According to SkippedUp, web developers are happy. In fact, 88% report high job satisfaction. As a web developer, you’d be working on new websites on a regular basis. You’d design and code sites for businesses all around the world. While you might work in an office, you could also freelance, ensuring an independent career. Each day as a web developer would look different, and this job would never get boring.


If you want to do something meaningful, you could consider being a coach. To teach a college team or higher, you’d need a four-year degree and experience. Not every high school coach has the same qualifications, but a degree in fitness, physiology, or sports science would help. As a coach, you’d develop team strategies, and you’d take the best players you could find and help shape their talent. You might be tough; you might be encouraging. As a coach, you’d be able to develop your own method towards team success.


A teacher’s job is never boring. While the pressure can be unnerving for some, many find that the daily chance to invest in student’s lives is everything they need. As a teacher, you could work a wide range of grades, from preschool to college, although the requirements are heavier for professors. You’d be responsible for classroom discipline, helping the students who are falling behind, and developing a curriculum for students to use. You’d work longer hours, since you’d come home and grade homework assignments and plan the next day’s lesson, but you’d get summers off. If you are looking for more flexibility, or don’t like the curriculum, you can even create your own course and teach online by becoming an online course instructor

There’s a wide world of careers out there just waiting for you to dive in. If anything grabbed your interest from the list above, go for it! Your passion is your most important asset in any profession; just follow your heart and you’ll find the career path made for you.