Arden’s Garden Announces Participation in Expo East 2023 to Showcase Healthy Beverage Options

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(Hexa PR Wire–September 20, 2023)Arden’s Garden, aims to make healthy choices and nutrition more accessible as they serve healthy and delicious drinks at Expo East 2023

Arden’s Garden, one of America’s leading cold-pressed fruit and vegetable beverage companies, is excited to announce its participation in Expo East 2023, one of the most highly anticipated trade shows in the industry. The event will take place from September 20th to September 23rd at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania. Attendees can visit Arden’s Garden at booth #1244 to experience their exciting healthful juice samples, along with the possibility of winning a Vitamix blender from the cold-pressed juice brand.

Arden’s Garden is on a mission to deliver the healthiest and most nutritionally dense cold-pressed juices and smoothies to as many people as possible. The brand’s unwavering passion for health, nutrition, and fitness drives them to provide pure fruit and vegetable juices through their cold-pressing method. Arden’s Garden is committed to making health a convenient choice for all consumers by ensuring easy access to its line of highly nutritious products.

Arden’s Garden recognizes the importance of addressing the scarcity of healthy food options in food deserts. They aim to be an oasis of health, providing nourishing alternatives to everyone in the community. By participating in Expo East 2023, Arden’s Garden aims to raise awareness about its mission and showcase the availability of its products, making health an easy choice for everyone.

During Expo East 2023, Arden’s Garden will offer attendees the opportunity to sample their nutritious juice creations including revitalizing blends of fruits and vegetables to innovative flavor combinations.

Arden’s Garden welcomes all to their exhibit at booth #1244 where visitors will embark on a delightful journey of health and taste. Arden’s Garden’s knowledgeable representatives will be present to provide information about the ingredients, nutritional benefits, and unique flavors of their juices. Aside from delicious juice samples, Arden’s Garden is also excited to give away a Vitamix Blender to a lucky participant.

The company’s participation in Expo East 2023 takes them a step closer to making the best possible food and beverage choices more accessible to even more communities. Moreover, it’s a can’t-miss opportunity for other brands and organizations that share a mission for health and nutrition to partner with Arden’s Garden to give more people the gift of great health and vitality.

About Arden’s Garden

Arden’s Garden is a fruit and vegetable beverage company that’s on a mission to deliver the healthiest and most nutritionally dense cold-pressed juices and smoothies to consumers. With an undying passion for health, nutrition and fitness, Arden’s Garden has allowed every fiber of its being to produce the purest fruit juices available in the market through its highly regulated cold-pressing method. As a brand, they have a long-standing commitment of making health a convenient choice for all consumers — all driven by its founder, Arden Zinn’s, undying love for sharing the secrets of good health to the greater community. Under the management of the Zinn family, Arden’s Garden has flourished into a highly successful beverage brand delivering healthful and substantial juices, smoothies and food for everyone’s pleasure.

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